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Secure your Shopping Habits with VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) provides a secure and anonymous network connection. A subscription-based VPN with a “no-logs” policy, keeps all the user’s online activity hidden. What a VPN does is: bypasses and defeats net censorship thwarts geo-blocking that restricts access to sites through IP...

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Why brand building is important to success

What is a Brand Name?

A GOOD Brand Name to me is a product that comes to me right off the top of my head when that type of product is mentioned. For example, when someone asks me to go out to lunch, I ask where and they suggest a place. So now I think to myself, what is my perception of this place? Do I like it? Did I have a bad experience there at some point that makes me dislike that place? Was the food good? I instantly evaluate these questions in order to decide if I want to go to that place or not. The point being, a Brand Name adds a sense of comfort to my potential decision.

Will using product reviews benefit my store?

You might be wondering if you should set up your store to allow reviews and ratings. Reviews can be a huge factor in purchase decisions and provides the store with free word-of-mouth advertising. Not only are happy buyers likely to leave a review on your own site, they’ll often also leave a review of your product on other consumer sites. This can lead to higher search rankings, as the reviews link back to your storefront and it also gives you free exposure on the web.