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Why brand building is important to success

What is a Brand Name?

A GOOD Brand Name to me is a product that comes to me right off the top of my head when that type of product is mentioned. For example, when someone asks me to go out to lunch, I ask where and they suggest a place. So now I think to myself, what is my perception of this place? Do I like it? Did I have a bad experience there at some point that makes me dislike that place? Was the food good? I instantly evaluate these questions in order to decide if I want to go to that place or not. The point being, a Brand Name adds a sense of comfort to my potential decision.

Using Long Tail Keywords For E-commerce

iStock_000021371537SmallDid you know long tail keywords make up 70% of web searches? Not only are long tail keywords often easier to rank for but they convert much better than more popular[and expensive!] terms. Understanding how to research long tail keywords and using them to rank can boost your site traffic with targeted consumers who are ready to buy.

How Social Media Influences Millennial Purchases

young woman in a coffee shopWhen consumers find a product they love, intend to purchase or are excited about, many turn to social media to spread the word. In a recent study, the University of Massachusetts surveyed millennial shoppers and noted a trend of consumers purchasing after sharing product info via social media outlets, particularly Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This form of electronic “word of mouth” is great for e-commerce businesses, especially as 70% of millennial social media users are influenced by their friends’ posts and recommendations. Additional findings from the surveys include:

Perfecting Your E-mail Marketing Strategy

E-mail marketing is a big part of growing a successful e-commerce business. Not only is it cost-effective but it’s a great way to learn more about your customers, their shopping habits and what types of marketing they respond best to. Check out this e-mail marketing infographic for helpful tips and stats to make your e-mail efforts worthwhile!