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I need to add a statement or blurb of text into my checkout process, how can I do that?

If you would like to add custom text or content to your checkout process, you can do so with our Page Blurbs feature. You can create a custom piece of text and allow the system to display it for you in any number of places. To use this feature, follow the instructions below.

  • Login to your CoreCommerce admin area
  • Hover over the Site Content tab and click on View Page Notes
  • You will see a list of screens that you can add blurbs to. For most screens there will be a top blurb, a middle blurb, and a bottom blurb.
  • Click the name to add content to a blurb. 
  • You will also notice an Add Content Module button. You can create a content module, a.k.a. a custom blurb, that you can add into your HTML template files as a token. Once a content module is created, you will see the token for it listed on this page.