How do I change my store background color or image?

To change the background color or image, here is what to do:

  • Log in to your CoreCommerce Admin panel
  • Hover over the Design tab and click on Sidebar Widgets
  • Hover over Global and click on Fonts & Colors
  • If it's not already enabled, enable the Font Manager (if you don't see this option, please contact Support)
  • Input a background color or upload a background image, then save.
  • If you'd rather change this in the CSS, under Design > Advanced Options you will need to select the CSS file (usually main.css or color.css) that contains the background of your design.

You can also replace the existing background image of your predefined template by going to the Manage Store Images section:

  • Hover over Design and click on Manage Store Images
  • Search for the name of the image you wish to replace, then click Edit and upload its replacement

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