How to Select a Reliable Offshore Software Development Company for a Startup?

Finding a reliable offshoring company for your business, especially for a startup, can be challenging. The market is flooded with companies, each promising success, and a golden future if you choose them. What criteria should you look for when you select the offshoring company for your business? How to know which one is reliable and which is not? Here are some tips to help you make a good decision for your startup.

  1. Check the Company History and Case-Studies Similar to Your Software Development Company Startup

Usually, each reliable offshoring company that has been out there on the market for some time has a list of former clients that they showcase as case studies. A story of success that can be confirmed with data and statistics and their contribution is what you need. If they managed to help businesses that are similar to your startup, there is a big chance that they already have a strategy to help your company too. Choosing an offshoring agency that has helped businesses in another niche or entirely in another industry is not wise. Check their background and client history carefully and make an effort to personally contact one or two companies from their client list to confirm the authenticity of their claims.

TIP: If the company has proven to help a business in your industry/niche, and bring a startup from zero to hero, then chances are this is a good fit your you.

  1. Check the Offshore Software Development Company Approach and Strategies

There are different styles of offshoring. Some companies offer project-based offshoring that is very similar to outsourcing. Other offshoring companies can support you in building your premises and offshoring a branch of your company in another land. If you are looking for customized offshoring, offshore software development companies offer tailor-made offshoring – or yourshoring, as it is often called.

TIP: When you are clear on their strategy and the solution that the offshoring company can offer, you can see if this is what you are looking for. 

  1. Check how the Offshoring Company Agency Serve Their Clients 

Customer service must be of top priority when you are choosing an offshore software development partner. When you have an issue and need an immediate update on your project, you will need to get in touch with them. You need to have a sound communication system in place. So before choosing your offshoring software development partner, check how their customer support is working. What is their average response time? What communication methods do they use within their software development teams?

TIP: A sound and quick communication system and customer support are signs of the reliability of a good offshoring software development company. 

  1. You can Get a Dedicated Team if You Need It

The usual practice of Offshoring Software Development Companies is that most teams are time-sharing between a vast array of small and big projects. This can lead to a lack of focus and commitment in the long run. If you are starting your business, you may not need a fully dedicated team. But one day, as your activity grows, the possibility of having a dedicated team of software developers must be secured for you. You need to check if this option is available with your software development offshoring partner. 

TIP: A dedicated team might not be necessary initially, but you must think ahead. A reliable offshoring software development partner can guarantee that you can have such a team when needed. 

  1. Check the Reliability Of the Company in  Terms of Recruiting Software Developers

What is essential to you is the individual developers that will work on your code. Their brains and talent matter at the end of the day. What methods the offshoring company uses to secure the best software development specialists to work for them? Do they offer custom recruiting options for your team project? It would help if you had professionals vibrating at the same high frequency as your project. They must abide by your values, mission, and vision.

TIP: Software development companies with a process for securing the best talents and offering custom recruiting to fit your specific needs are more reliable than others.

  1. The Reliability of a Company is Reflected in the Contract Transparency

If there is transparency in your bill and the developers’ salary, this is a clear sign of reliability. When you are scrutinizing a potential offshoring partner agency, examine the way they are handling their contracts. Ask for a copy of an agreement to read in advance and hand it to a trusted lawyer specializing in that field. Ask how much the individual developers are paid and check if the salary is suitable according to the living cost in their area. 

TIP: The transparency of the contracts and the lack of secret and hidden costs means you can trust the offshoring software development company.

  1. A Reliable Offshoring Development Company Offers a High Level of Security

Before signing a contract with an offshoring partner, double-check their security protocols. What methods, infrastructure, and practices do they use to provide a high level of security to your product and data? If they do not provide a security guarantee, this might mean a huge challenge for your business.

Check and double-check here, as you do not need a leak of sensitive data to ruin your project in the startup phase. 

TIP: A sound security system is a sign of the reliability of an offshoring software development company.

In Conclusion:

These seven criteria are crucial in selecting a reliable software development agency. You can start from here and then build your checklist. Before communicating with potential offshoring partners, do your homework and research well. You do not want to have unnecessary risks, as the future of your startup is at stake.

Working hard at the beginning of the relationship with your offshoring partner will guarantee you will need to work less afterward and have greater peace of mind that you are offshoring in trustworthy hands.