5 Best Tools for Securing Your Business Online

Securing Your Business Online
Male data center administrator sitting before laptop and checking network condition storage facility

Cybersecurity has become one of the major concerns for many businesses. Since every business needs to have a website and use digital methods to operate for a better consumer experience, investing in a tool that keeps them safe online has become crucial.

So, if online presence is important, you might think your website is concrete since you have good security structures installed. But that is never enough since hackers are always looking for newer ways to steal confidential data. Outside threats may easily find their way into your system through backdoors.

Today, business owner connect their operations through multiple channels. Your staff phones that regularly connect in and out of the company site, third-party applications like CRMs, and similar tools can open back doors for hackers.

Luckily, there is excellent security software designed for business websites that will keep your data safe. Using these tools, you can keep your customers from cybersecurity threats, ensuring business system and customer portal safety.

Here are the five best tools:

  1. Firewalls

You can never miss firewalls in your business when it comes to internet protection. Your business needs NGFWs with intrusion protection (IPS) to protect your business and customer data from malicious threats.

These tools are designed to monitor all incoming and outgoing network traffic. They decide whether to block certain actions touching your network or block them. Sometimes these systems use deep analysis or deep packet inspection (DPI) to check for threats and block them before they become a real pain to your business.

Most organizations use firewalls as their first line of difference. And they are right to do since they are easily adopted and do not disrupt daily activities in major ways.

However, since there are too many options on the market, you need to find the right firewall for your business. Consider something that easily cuts the risk of exposure by 50%.

Many businesses make the mistake of expecting 100% protection from firewalls. This is because next-gen firewalls (NGFW) are incredibly pervasive, so attackers build their compromising attacks for specific firewalls.

  1. Two-factor Authentication/ Multi-factor Authentication

Another great way to protect your business is setting up a 2FA or MFA authentication for logging in. This is one of the most advanced security protocols. And it has become very popular today. The system adds an extra layer of protection to your security.

The first step entails a password. The second step could include a text, a call, or an email code sent to the user. The second step could also be a question requiring the correct answer for several entries.

One of the best things about these systems is that they are easy to implement. You can have both your employees and customers have it to protect their data. We have seen it used by major technology companies, and it always seems to work.

  1. Domain Name Service Protection

DNS protection is also another security tool you don’t want to miss on your website. Investing in such security could be everything you need to keep your business and customers safe.

A DNS is required for internet connection, cloud storage and usage, and connection to any application. This is a universal process, especially known from the security perspective.

A DNS is the first thing every system uses to communicate on an IP network. And that is why you must protect your communication properly. When done correctly, you may never have to worry about cybersecurity threats that come from communication networks.

You need good DNS protection to ensure communicators on a network conversation are not connected to a bad network or are hijacked/redirected. It defends clients connecting to malware, ransomware, and malvertising sites.

  1. VPN and Seedbox

It is very easy for hackers to track and steal company information using your IP address. This could happen, for example, when an employee logs into the company site to access sensitive files. Unfortunately, hackers have found different ways of monitoring people, which makes it easy to steal such data.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a tool that masks your IP address hiding it from prying eyes. It has become one of the best ways to access internet content anonymously. Your business may need such tools today more than you can imagine.

 VPNs offer great online protection, allowing users to do anything online without worrying about someone watching. Many organizations and companies have integrated such tools into their systems, making everything secure and anonymous.

Another related technology is a seedbox server. Understanding when and how to use a seedbox can save you a lot of trouble on the modern internet platform.

Generally, you need these tools if your company frequently downloads/uploads digital files to and from the internet. It is useful for safely storing and accessing your company documents over the cloud, allowing employees to easily share from anywhere.

In recent times, seedboxes have been designed to utilize any file transfer protocol, making it easy for users to download or upload files quickly, safely, and remotely. Investing in one is a worthy venture for both small and large companies.

  1. Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) tools are crucial for every company with online operations. These tools prevent threats at the point of entry and then track every file or system process on the site’s endpoints. VPNs are a good example of tools that can be used in protecting communication channels, as discussed above.  

EDRs can actively dig out advanced threats, including malware and ransomware, which could hold your business hostage. Also, it allows administrators to approve which devices can access the network remotely.

There you have five tools that will perfectly protect your business online. Just be sure to understand the provision in each and choose according to your specific needs.