4 Types of Chatbots That Will Help Your Business Grow

Artificial Intelligence is growing by the day. It is booming globally and is creating a very close link between technology and business operations. Chatbot technology is one of the many branches of artificial intelligence. This branch in particular is gaining immense popularity and because of this reason, a lot of research is being conducted on this specific segment. 

Most of us already know that chatbots are important and are making business operations smooth and quite convenient. However, we can also not deny the fact that this technology is also a bit complicated. Keeping all of this in mind, we have conducted a little research of our own and have ended up writing this article to explain what a Chatbot actually is. We will also be discussing the various type of interesting chatbots and will highlight their specific functions. 

However, before we formally begin this article, let us enlighten you with some of the common benefits of including chatbots in your business operations. These bots help in boosting the efficiency and productivity of your company. 

The communication methods become less complex and more to the point, thanks to this incredible technology. All the operations become streamlined and your customers leave impressed because of the effective service that they receive via chatbots. 

Hence, incorporating this technology into your company operations would take your business to greater heights. Not much to think about here. Just grab a cup of coffee, make yourself comfortable and keep reading. 

  1. Support Type Chatbots

As the name suggests, the main aim of this type of Chatbot is to essentially control the information flow about goods or general business operations. It has several human-like characteristics that make it unique and useful. Because of all of these attributes, it can have human-like conversations with customers and can provide them with culture as well as educated responses. 

Support-type chatbots sound interesting, right? Indeed they are and now is the time to make them a part of your daily functions. While building this kind of Chatbot, you essentially need to concentrate on the queries of your customers. 

Ask yourself certain questions like how they communicate with you and what kind of queries are they presenting. In addition to this, you can come up with different kinds of (long-term as well as short-term) keywords and train these bots accordingly. Eventually, it will understand the entire process and get the potential to respond to a wide range of questions (both easy and complex). 

Support chatbots can easily be used in industries like e-commerce, real estate, health, education, etc. Telecom companies are also increasingly using these chatbots. Take the example of Suddenlink Español; this customer service team offers around-the-clock assistance in both English and Spanish thanks to its chatbots and its highly experienced, friendly representatives. This shows that a lot of businesses around the globe are already aware of this amazing technology and are trying their best to use them in order to enhance their business operations. 

  1. Assistant Chatbots

Assistant chatbots are one of the most genius creations, particularly because of the purpose they serve. Everyone wants a personal assistant in their life who can take care of all their daily activities. However, because of budget constraints, a lot of us miss out on this luxury. But not anymore. Assistant chatbots are there to fulfill this dream of yours. 

As the name suggests, they take the role of your assistant and enlighten you about your daily activities, help you research different things and even turn your room lights on and off for you. What else does one need in life? The best example of these bots is SIRI. It essentially is one of the most well-known chatbots that consumers are always looking for. 

  1. Skills Chatbots

The quickest and most efficient Chatbot is the state-of-the-art Skills Chatbot that is always ready to obey your orders. For example, if you ask it to play your favorite song, it will instantly do so by just listening to your voice. 

Yes, you’ve read it right. Skills Chatbot supports voice messaging over text, thus making the entire process of giving commands easier. These chatbots are designed to promptly obey orders, enabling users to juggle several things at one time while interacting with the bot. Isn’t that cool?

  1. Booking Chatbots

You can now easily make your appointments or book those slots thanks to the amazing booking chatbots. These bots are usually found in the healthcare, hotel, and, obviously, airline industry. Quite literally, these chatbots aid the consumer in booking slots with the businesses they interact with. 

In addition to this, booking or appointment bots are connected to Google calendar, so as soon as a consumer books for example a consultation with you, it immediately creates an event in the calendar and also notifies you to set reminders so that you don’t miss the appointment. 

Final Words

Artificial Intelligence is slowly taking over the world. In a few decades, almost all our functions would be dependent on this technology. Therefore, it is high time that we accept this crucial reality and start planning our activities around it. Use this technology intelligently and make your mark in this world. Good luck!