10 Tips For Social Media Marketing To Skyrocket Small Business

Skyrocket Small Business

Are you a small business owner struggling to take your business to the next level? Then social media is your chariot horse. 2 billion people are active on various social media platforms which ultimately makes it a great way to reach new customers and skyrocket your business.

Reliance on social media by small businesses to reach new customers, drive sales and increase brand awareness has increased over the past decade. No matter if you are just starting or doing business for years, social media can help you reach your full potential. You can grow a strong customer base without investing thousands of dollars. You just need to be creative and strategic to manage a campaign.

Here Is A List Of 10 Tips To Help You Grow Your Business-

1. Adapt The Change

If this is not your first time starting a business then You may have had some success with various tactics in the past, but everything grinds to a halt over time. The preceding procedure might not be effective today. If this is occurring to you, it’s time to adjust to change. Change your approaches and strategies. Try something perfectly suited to your company.

2. Choose The Platform That Fits Your Business

Social media is the new king of marketing. This is a great place to establish your business presence among potential customers and create more leads.  Choosing a platform is important for expanding your reach. For visual products like jewelry, apparel, and accessories, Instagram (Instagram captions) is the ideal place to start. The micro-blogging site Twitter is one of the most powerful tools for customer support and relationship building. Facebook can be utilized for community building. You can like other Pages related to your industry, interact with users, and nurture a strong community.

3. Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Research is the key to success. Look after your competitor, and analyze all of their social media platforms. Check out what they are doing, how often and what type of content they post, and which post is receiving the most interaction. By analyzing their work, you can decide what works and what does not. Develop a social media strategy based on analytics and create a calendar with day-to-day tasks and goals mentioned. Stick hard to the calendar and update your social media throughout the week. Posting regularly will keep people interested and also the platform’s algorithm will give you a push. 

4. Observe And Keep Up With Trends

Follow top blogs, publications, and blogs to keep up-to-date with what is happening in the digital world. Stay tuned with new technologies and innovations relevant to your industry. Join groups over various social media, attend events, be in touch with consumers and keep taking product feedback to stay current.

5. Leverage Live Videos Sessions

Live video sessions are the best way to communicate with consumers, gather feedback, answer them immediately, and provide some behind-the-scenes peeks of your workspace. Live videos help customers feel connected to you. It has proven itself a terrific approach to obtaining new content ideas over time.

6. Host A Contest And Giveaways

Host a contest on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Etc. It’s a good way to introduce customers to your various platform presence and bring new customers. Give away some of your products or services and keep in mind, if you are giving away a physical product, consider paying the shipping cost. Set up a timeline for the customers so that they can track their progress. Let them know how many entries are left to reach the milestone and win a giveaway.

7. Collaborate With Influencers And Other Business

Collaborating with influencers and other similar field businesses is the best way to gain exposure from new potential followers for both parties. Collaborate with the influencers that make sense to your business. If you are an apparel brand, collaborate with fashion influencers. Collaborating with finance influencers will make no sense as you both cover different fields and different demographics of people. If you own a restaurant in San Francisco, your ideal collaboration partner shares the same clientele as you and could be a SF escape room, event venue, bars or activity centre. 

8. Benefit From Paid Advertising

Advertising on social media is an excellent way to reach new audiences, drive sales and increase brand awareness. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ads are cost-effective and drive traffic to your website that can convert into customers. Audience targeting based on interests, location, demographics, and more allows you to reach a distinct group of people who may never be exposed to your content. For Twitter and Facebook ads, consider setting up conversion tracking to see which campaign works best for you. You can use Universal Analytics and Google Analytics for Instagram Ads to track traffic.

9. Add A Compelling Call To Action

One of the best features provided by social media marketing is the call-to-action button. Add a compelling call-to-action button that enamors the audience. Use strong action words. Keep the call to action relevant, and clear and show some urgency. For example, “Download this ebook now”. ‘Download’ represents relevancy, ‘this ebook’ adds clarity about your product and ‘now’ adds some urgency. Remove unnecessary images and links around the call to action button to reduce distraction and ease out anxiety of customers by mentioning “no credit card required” or “for free”.

10. Develop Trust

Social media is much more than a platform for promotion and driving sales. It’s a platform to build trust and develop a strong loyal customer base. 79% of marketers believe social media is an effective way to build a loyal customer base. All your posts on social media should be authentic, relatable, unique, and engaging. Click baiting in ad posts will ruin your brand’s image over time. Collaborate with influencers with a real and loyal follower base. Ask them to share their personal experience regarding your product or service. It’s way easier for customers to relate to and believe the influencer they are following for years.


A B2B business is a living and breathing entity. Social media and online marketing keeps your business alive. Posting on various social media makes your business visible and helps stay fresh in potential customers’ minds. Use all social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc according to your brand’s needs. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect with other brands and professionals.