Resellers / Affiliates / Partners

Build a recurring revenue stream by partnering with Do you have a relationship with companies that sell products on-line? Bring your clients more value and enhance client retention. Which partnering model below is right for you?

A variety of partnerships are available, offering accelerating earning opportunities for you and your business:

  1. Referral / Affiliate Program (you refer, we enroll, implement, support and bill the account). Earn 25% of the recurring monthly revenue.
  2. Reseller (you enroll the account, assist the client with implementation, and optionally provide 1st level support, and billing)
  3. Private Label (White Label): Create a business offering your own eCommerce solutions; your brand, your solution, using the CoreCommerce foundation. Please contact Michael Thompson, and phone 615-477-849.
  4. Licensee: Ideal for companies that desire to offer the full suite of eCommerce products to their clients under the own brand. We can put you in the eCommerce business without having to invest millions of dollars and years developing the solutions. Please contact Michael Thompson, and phone 615-477-849.
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Referral / Affiliate recurring revenue

  • Earn 25% recurring SaaS commissions as long as we have the customer
  • No fee to join
  • Full sales support for consulting with you and your clients
  • Remove the CoreCommerce link at no charge from your client’s website
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