Can I control what data shows up on the product detail page?

Can I control what data shows up on the product detail page?

Yes, we allow you to modify the product detail template using our token based system. So for example if you do NOT want the price to every display, you can remove the "Price" token from the product detail template.

Here is how you edit the product detail template layout:

  1. Login to Admin Panel.
  2. Mouse over Design, and then Template Layouts (BETA).
  3. On the "Product Detail" line, click Manage.
  4. If you have never been here before, the "default" template is selected. Click Copy to make a 100% copy of that template layout.
  5. On this screen give it a custom name like "Custom" and then click "Save".
  6. Then you will be back on the list, and "Custom" will be on the list, and you can Edit it.

Once you edit that layout, you can add your own hardcoded content if you want, or you can move fields around, or remove them. Now be careful what you remove, because some tokens control a lot of things. For example, if you remove "Personalizatons" token, that means that a personalization will NEVER display on the product detail, even if a product has 2 or 10 personalizations, or if they are different styles of personalization, it won't matter. The one tokens controls the overall display of personalizations as a whole.

Make sure you save "Custom" and make sure its selected as the active template for the system to use it.

We also provide custom designed product detail pages. If you are interested, please contact our sales department.

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