How do I add a Google +1 Button to my products?

Google +1 button is an integrated feature of CoreCommerce. Enabling it is simple:

  • In your store admin area, hover over the Settings link and click on Plug-in Settings
  • Click on the Google +1 tab
  • Switch the button at the top to the ON position so it's enabled
  • More options will become available, such as language and size
  • To enable Google +1 for all items, click on the link that has appeared labeled "Enable for all products." +1 should now display on all product detail pages.
  • Note: If you are using a custom product detail template rather than one of our predesigned templates, you will need to add the Google +1 button token (##GOOGLE_PLUS_ONE##) to your template (under Design > Template Layouts > Product Detail).

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