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How do I add or remove widgets?

Widgets are the little information boxes that appear on your storefront, in either the left or right sidebar. 

Managing Widgets

  • Log in to your admin panel
  • Hover over the Design tab and click on Sidebar Widgets
  • Choose the widget you want to add from the drop-down menu in the middle and drag it to the left or right sidebar. Or, if you want to remove a widget, just click the X in the corner of the widget bubble.
  • Click Save when you are done

Disabling Widgets on Specific Pages

  • Log in to your admin panel
  • Hover over the Design tab and click on Sidebar Widgets
  • Hover over Sidebar and click Page Display
  • This page allows you to uncheck certain widgets on the homepage, product detail pages, and one-page checkout
  • Make your changes and then click Save

Note: Widgets do not display on the new one-page checkout by default. You can use CSS to force them to display.