My price and Add to Cart button are overlapping my photo on my product page. How can I correct this?

When this occurs, you have 2 options that you can do.

Option One -

You can reduce the size of your images.  If your images are already uploaded, you can edit them.  If you are going to upload them, you can change the image width and heighth by going into the inventory settings.

  • Log into your CoreCommerce Admin Panel.
  • Hover over Settings.
  • Click on Inventory Settings.
  • Click on Images.
  • You can set the image size on this tab

Note:  If you change the dimensions this will only affect the images uploaded after the change, this setting is not retroactive.


Option Two -

Adjusting the CSS.

  • Log into your CoreCommerce Admin Panel.
  • Hover over Design.
  • Click on Manage Design.
  • Hover over Global.
  • Click on Edit HTML/CSS.
  • Search for #productDetail and adjust the Width.
  • Search for #productExtraDetails and adjust the padding that controls the left side - it is preset to 5px.
  • This is a trial and error process since everyone's site and image sizes vary.

Note:  CSS assistance is not covered under the CoreCommerce Support Terms and Conditions.

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