How do I change the display of the category widget?

There are four display options for the category widget:

  1. Standard
  2. Rollover Pop-out
  3. Rollover Colors
  4. Tree Expand


Standard is the default style and simply shows the categories in a static list.

Rollover Pop-out

When you use Rollover Pop-Out, the subcategories will pop out to the right of the parent categories. You can show up to three levels of categories: the parent category, subcategory level 1, and subcategory level 2. You can set the width, and choose your own background and link colors.

Rollover Colors

If you choose the Rollover Colors display, you will be able to set the link color, background color, and background hover color.

Tree Expand

With Tree Expand, the subcategories will display below the parent category when you click on the parent category. If you turn on the "Expand All" option, then the subcategories will always display (you won't have to click on the parent category to see them). Only the first level of subcategories will display.

If you select "Display Sub-Categories on Category Grid/List," then when you click on the parent category name, not only will the menu expand to show the subcategories, but you will be taken to that category's page as well.


By default, Standard will be used. To change to a different display type:

  • Log in to your CoreCommerce admin
  • Hover over the Design tab and click on Sidebar Widgets
  • Hover over Sidebar and click on Advanced Options (if you do not see Advanced Options, you will first need to hover over Global, click on Fonts & Colors, enable the Font Manager, and then save)

  • Select your choice of Categories Menu behavior and then click Save.

You will also find a couple of different options for the Vendor widget display and Information widget display, as well.

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