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Shopping Cart Widget


How to Add Shopping Cart Widget

  1. Login to your Admin Panel
  2. Design > Manage Design
  3. From the subtabs in the top / middel of your screen, choose Sidebar > Add Widgets
  4. From the MIDDLE DROP DOWN, choose Cart Widgets
  5. Drag both the Sidebar Shopping Cart and the Sidebar Shopping Cart (Detailed) widget bubbles to the left widgets -OR- right widgets columns and click SAVE
  6. Click View my store at the top of the page and determine which of the 2 shopping cart widgets you like the best (See example below on the difference between the regular shopping cart widget and the detailed shopping cart widget)
  7. Return to the Admin Panel screen and find the widget bubble you want to REMOVE and click the X in the top right of that widget bubble and click SAVE.



[EXAMPLE] Shopping Cart Widget (Detailed)
[EXAMPLE] Shopping Cart Widget