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Senior Software Engineer

Posted 4 months ago

CoreCommerce is seeking a senior-level software engineer. We value a team that reflects the diverse communities that we serve.

Who are we?

CoreCommerce is an established e-commerce brand with a nearly 2 decade history of helping merchants create & maintain their online storefronts. Today, our solutions enable ~14,000 merchants to capture ~$100MM in revenue each month. We see a huge opportunity to expand these services with our new (in development) product – CoreGateway.

Who are you?

First – and most importantly – you are empathetic. You are a life-long learner. You write software for other people to read and understand. You are an effective verbal and written communicator. You are proactive. You recognize that your success is ultimately the success of your team / organization.

We are hiring a senior software engineer. That doesn’t correlate to a particular number of years of experience but instead is an accumulation of practices that are impactful in successful software organizations – ranging from habits like test-driven development to overarching software development methodologies that inform how you approach work. You have internalized many of these practices and are seeking an opportunity to apply them in a growing organization.

You are based near or willing to relocate to Nashville, Tennessee. You are able to work from our office in the Belle Meade / Green Hills area. (We are taking COVID-19 seriously, so please understand this as “If we were able to go back in time to 2019, you would be able to come to our office for work.”)

What do you know?

You should be at or near expert-level in one or more software-related disciplines: frontend, backend, quality assurance automation, devops, etc. The particulars – the language(s), framework(s), tools – are unimportant to us.

That said, you must be willing to work within our stack, which currently includes – but is not limited to – the following:

  • Vue.js (ES2015+, npm, webpack, eslint, Jest, etc)
  • Laravel (PHP 7+, Composer, PHPUnit, etc)
  • AWS (CloudFormation, ApiGateway, Lambda, S3, DynamoDB, RDS, etc)

What is the job?

At a high level, here’s what you’ll be doing:

  • You will build our new product – CoreGateway – working closely with our CTO.
  • You will have autonomy and responsibility in creating interfaces – UXs for frontend developers, APIs for backend – that ensure ease of use for consumers.
  • You will demonstrate the quality and correct functionality of your code by writing tests.
  • You will participate in stakeholder discussions that determine the very direction of the product and company.
  • In the not-distant future, you will probably expand your role to leadership – e.g. principal engineer, architect, lead developer, engineering manager, or simply mentor – depending on our needs and your professional desires.

In the immediate future, that entails – depending on your individual strengths:

  • Developing REST APIs
  • Creating beautiful, simple user experiences
  • Integrating with major national brands in the payment space
  • Writing documentation for other developers to consume our services
  • Mentoring and working alongside our software development intern for the fall

What about salary and benefits?

We value our team members and believe in rewarding them. Salary is competitive and depends on experience. Other benefits – such as health, dental, vision, etc – are also offered.

How do you apply?

Please, no recruiters or agencies.

  • Upload your resume & (optional but preferred) cover letter below – I (Joe Wallace, CTO) promise to reply.
  • Coding exercise (2 hours or so, depending on you) – No tricks or gimmicks, this take-home exercise will not be judged for correctness but will serve instead as a conversation starter for the next step.
  • Intro & code review (60-90 minutes) – On a call, we will first spend a few minutes getting to know each other, and then we will review your solution from the coding exercise. I will question, criticize, & compliment your solution as if it were a pull request to be integrated in our production system, and we will get an understanding of what working together might be like.
  • Interview (1 hour or until you run out of questions) – On a call, we will try to understand your mindset & motivation, your interest in the position, and your professional goals. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions you have – as many as you want, nothing off-limits.
  • In-person or video, depending on circumstances, final interview (30-60 minutes) – You will meet our CEO and possibly some other key team members. If it’s in person, you’ll see our office space. We’ll ask each other any further questions required to make a final decision.

What questions do you have?

Thank you for taking the time to read this job listing. If you have any immediate questions or concerns that aren’t answered here, please email me –

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