Why your e-commerce store needs a Loyalty Program

It’s hard to attract and retain customers these days. Competitors pop up like weeds, customers get distracted and click away from their cart at the last minute, and keeping customers coming back to your store requires standing out from the competition.

Repeat customers account for 61% of small business owners’ sales, according to a report by BIA Kelsey. One effective way to build brand loyalty is by giving your customers direct incentive to come to you for every purchase they make within your niche. Loyalty programs are a powerful tactic to consider, with Access Development reporting that 46% of customers change their buying habits to get the most out of loyalty programs. You have plenty of reasons to need a loyalty program, and when you choose services that have loyalty program implementation built in, such as CoreCommerce, it doesn’t require a great deal of effort to put in place. Here’s why you should get started right away:

1. Establishing brand loyalty – There are hundreds of thousands of e-commerce stores out there, so keeping your customers around and happy with your brand is essential. Loyalty programs give them a tangible benefit for purchasing from your store instead of checking out the new flash in a pan competitor.

2. Creating brand evangelists – Word of mouth has always been one of the best converting sources of traffic, and this marketing avenue is only amplified by social networks. Loyalty programs that reward people for referring their friends as purchasing customers help create brand evangelists who have incentive to go through their friends, family and social network lists.

3. Increased customer spending – Repeat customers generally spend more, and loyalty programs help encourage additional customer spending through points, reward tiers and other ways to encourage customers to make all of their purchases through your store.

4. Data analytics – Customer shopping data goes through the loyalty account, so if you drive yourself crazy trying to track customer data when you offer guest checkout, a loyalty program encourages customers to actually sign up for an account. Looking through shopping data allows you to see product trends, inventory you need to adjust, and a hundred other useful data points for making your shop run as efficiently as possible.

5. Personalized content – This type of content marketing speaks to the customer by delivering a personalized experience more likely to catch their interest than a general ad. The data you collect from your customers’ shopping habits is used to send them marketing material and offers related to products they’ve already purchased, or are likely to purchase.

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