Why should switch to a Hosted QuickBooks Desktop?

If your company uses QuickBooks Desktop, the main QuickBooks files and data are saved either on your computer or on a server in your workplace. This very much exposed to threats as well as thefts. Although this is very easy to set up, it also has notable business hazards like:

  • Hard drive or PC crashes
  • Server crashes
  • No data backups in case of data loss
  • Any Disasters or fire breakouts
  • Need for remote access to QBD

Hence, if you are operating QBD on a local server or PC, you should highly consider a switch to your QuickBooks into a cloud service as soon as possible

So, what is included in QuickBooks Hosting?

The process of Cloud Hosting involves a third-party provider who builds a reliable virtual Windows PC in the cloud exclusively for your firm, that you can access from any place with internet connectivity. You can directly access it from your Windows or Mac opening it just like any other software and directly have access to the “PC in the cloud” where you can use your Hosted QuickBooks Cloud.

With the help of the Windows Remote Desktop Client, you can define your username, password, and provider’s name. You will be able to connect to the server securely and you will see the virtual desktop in a new window. This desktop works just like Windows does. You can maximize this window and use your Cloud Hosted Virtual Desktop full screen as well.

Advantages of Cloud Computing:

Available anywhere

You can have access to your QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud from any virtual device like PC, Mac, iPad, Android, etc. at any time and location.  

No worries about hardware failures because of constant data backups

Hosting providers offer running backups assuring that your data can be restored instantly if the need arises. These backups are stored in a different location to avoid data loss in case of a fire or a natural disaster.

Always up and running

Most hosting providers give an SLA-backed guarantee and hence, their service has a 99.999% uptime which indicates that your company can rely on all time availability of QuickBooks.

24/7 assistance by a professional team

When you adopt a hosting provider, they are accountable for maintaining both the software as well as the hardware. They create constant availability of Windows updated, the newest QuickBooks Desktop updates, and your server is secured from malicious viruses and threats.

The majority of hosting providers give 24/7 assistance and can execute maintenance activities over the weekend or at night to maintain the uptime.

Lowers expenses in the long run

If your computer malfunctions or gets robbed, there are significant expenses to restore and install new setups as well as backups for old data. These expenses include the new server, setup/installation, the HW switches, server charges (per user), maintenance charges, VPN access, backup solutions, and more. Hosting providers bill your business by the month and by the current users present which cuts down the price to half.

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