Why Every Enterprise Needs an SSO Software


As more business functions happen in the cloud or on digital platforms, enterprises need to be more diligent when it comes to cyber security. SSO solutions are extremely important for any online business. One of the biggest weaknesses, especially in enterprises, is with user credentials. If there are passwords being used in your company that are weak, or if even one user doesn’t follow the right protocols, your security can be breached and your data can be accessed by those who would use it for illegal gains. 

In many enterprises, users have to access many applications and platforms to do their jobs. This can create a massive security issue. With so many portals and so many passwords, there are more chances for a criminal to find a way in. One solution is to have an SSO (Single-Sign-On) password manager for your company. 

What is SSO?

An SSO solution cuts down on the number of logins that a user needs to access all of the applications they need to use. Instead of several keys to get into several places, they can use one key to access everything. That way, they can have one strong password as opposed to many potentially weak ones, or many that are hard to keep track of. One analogy for SSO is accessing a building. There is one lock, and once through, everyone can go to any room they need. Here are the top reasons why every enterprise needs an SSO software. 

Access to Multiple Platforms

Some surveys have shown that a typical user at an enterprise company can use as many as 15 applications on a regular basis. That means having a password for each one, all with different requirements and usernames. With an SSO solution, users have access to all of their platforms without having to log in to each of them. They will have one login and one password to use everything they need. 

This also means they can access things remotely. It cuts down on security concerns, so an enterprise can allow staff to access important applications when they are not directly in the office. They can work from home, on the road, or whenever they need to. 

A Stronger Password

Any enterprise that uses digital storage and applications for their business functions needs to ensure that team members use strong passwords. However, accessing so many platforms can lead to users choosing simple and easy to remember ones. Not only that, but they will be more likely to choose weak passwords so that they don’t forget, or that it doesn’t take long to type them in. This leads to having to reset passwords more often, or having them stored in unsecure places, such as on a spreadsheet or in a notebook. 

With an SSO software, users will only be responsible for one password. There is no excuse for it to be anything other than very strong. It can be a phrase rather than a simple word, utilize special characters, and have a mix of capital and non-capital letters. Having only one password makes it easy to have a strong one. 

Better Productivity

Let’s face it. Employees are there to do their part to grow a business. They are not there to spend chunks of their days typing in passwords. The more passwords someone needs, the more often they have to type them, check them, change them, and use them. It might seem like that is not a lot of time spent, but it can all add up. SSO gives back that time to employees. They can enter in a single password and they are finished. They can spend that saved time working on the core functions of their job, and in turn being more productive. 

More Secure

At first glance, it might not seem like it, but one very strong password is much more secure than several weak ones. Your enterprise can have a standard requirement for the strength of all SSO passwords so that there is no risk of someone taking the easy way and choosing a weak one. 

On top of that, you can also incorporate additional security for logging into your SSO software. This includes two or multi-factor authorization. Along with a password, users can enter something else for access, such as a code sent to their phones, or use a fingerprint to log in. This also allows for easier management from your IT team, who will have a fraction of password reset and walk-through requests. 

In this day and age, it is very dangerous to take cyber security for granted. Enterprise companies are at a unique risk for data breaches since there are so many possible access points. An SSO software will reduce those access points, and make them much stronger. That way, criminals, hackers, and others who will do you harm will have more difficulty than ever getting at your data. 

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