What You Need to Remember When Setting Up Your Offices

Whether you are preparing the move into a better workspace or you are setting up your first office for your new company, it’s important to have everything you and your staff need to stay comfortable and productive. Creating a positive working environment isn’t just about making sure everyone treats each other with respect, although this is important; it’s also about using furnishings and décor to help people stay focused and happy when they are carrying out their daily tasks. Below are some examples of essentials you will need to organize when you are setting up your new office space.

Ergonomic Desk Chairs

If you and your teams spend a lot of your time sitting at desks during the day, you need to make sure that everyone is getting the right support. Ergonomic desk chairs are a worthwhile investment as they can help your posture and distribute your weight more evenly while you are sitting on them. Also, make sure that your teams have their chairs aligned correctly with their desks. You may want to create a standing work area in the office too, so that your employees can alternate between the two if they prefer.

Introduce Plant Life

Being around nature can have a soothing effect on people, so introducing more plants into your working environment can help to provide a mental health boost as well as enhance the overall aesthetics of your offices. They can also help to improve the air quality in your workspace, which is another great benefit.

Working Phones and Methods of Communication

You must have working phones and internet in your workspace from the very start, so this should be a priority when you are moving into a new office environment. Purchasing new phones if the space doesn’t provide them already and getting them set up immediately so you can still take important calls and provide customer service. You could also look at getting a custom vanity phone number for your business if you want a number that your customers will remember easily.


Another top priority when it comes to your new workspace is the safety of your staff and company property. If you are leasing an office unit in a managed building, they should already have good security systems in place but this is certainly something to look out for and ask about. If you can, think about installing alarms and locks yourself for additional security and peace of mind.

Creating a Comfortable Break Room

While keeping your employees comfortable at their desks is important, you also need to make sure that the spaces they take their breaks are suitable, too. Keeping these areas clean, and providing utilities like kettles, microwaves, fridges, etc., are all important so that they can enjoy refreshments. You might even want to include some fun games or a quiet reading corner that employees can enjoy.

If you are setting up new offices for your company, consider the points above and make sure you have included them in your new working environment.

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