What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

affiliate marketing

Every person would like the money to multiply in the account even when they sleep. And this has become quite possible with the advent of affiliate marketing – one of the tools of Internet marketing. Every year it is gaining momentum and is already an additional stable source of income for those who plunge into this business. You come across affiliate marketing in everyday life, for example, when you buy a product and get a discount on your next purchase or bonuses to your account as a bonus.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way of promoting on the Internet where publishers drive traffic to advertisers’ sites and receive a reward for each successful sale. A publisher can be either one person or a group of people, a company. This type of marketing was created in order to distribute responsibilities for the effective promotion and sale of products and services. This makes affiliate marketing effective for all parties involved in it:

  • The seller, or advertiser, is the person who owns products and provides CPA affiliate programs. Being part of a CPA network, you can increase the number of both customers and product awareness.
  • Affiliate marketer, or publisher is a party that encourages people on the Internet to buy the seller’s product or use their service. For each achieved goal associated with CPA network commodity offers, the affiliate marketer receives cash payments.
  • Customer is the person who performs a targeted action, which is provided by the CPA network. This may be the purchase of products or registration on the site. The customer receives a profitable offer – a product or service they have been looking for for a long time.

Every day, the number of companies that offer partnerships is increasing exponentially. And the question of the right choice arises. Do not be lazy to conduct a thorough analysis, compare affiliate programs of different companies, and read reviews on the forums. Remember that the size of your income and the duration of the partnership will depend on these actions.

Benefits of affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the main methods of promotion on the Internet. Given such popularity, it is worth considering its benefits for all parties to the partnership. For a sales company, affiliate marketing is a great opportunity to increase brand awareness and convert potential customers into real ones. At the same time, you do not need to spend a lot of resources on developing a marketing strategy. Affiliate marketers are engaged in the promotion of your products and services, because they receive commissions for this.

Through affiliate marketing, merchants can improve their customer retention rate (CRR), which measures brand engagement. An equally important indicator that can be increased by introducing an affiliate program is the customer lifetime value (LTV). It shows how much profit you get from a particular user.

Why does affiliate marketing work?

Prior to getting started, everyone had this question. Affiliate marketing helps businesses change, adapt to and manage changes in the marketplace. Each launch of targeting adjusts to the characteristics of a specific audience, takes into account specific geos, news, and more. And if you are a partner, you can practice sales and gain experience before launching your business. After all, you have to know how to sell.

Types of affiliate marketing

This refers to the form of cooperation between the advertiser and the publisher. Each type has its own characteristics:

affiliate marketing – you build your content around product links and earn commission every time a customer clicks on that link;

distribution involves the distribution of the product stream between different products in the network;

loyalty programs are used to retain existing customers and build more trusting trading relationships with them;

sponsorship implies that the company receives the necessary funds from other parties to implement marketing activities. In turn, the company mentions its sponsor in various channels of communication with customers;

mobile partnership consists in bringing users of mobile devices to the partner’s website through the advertising they broadcast;

partnership with influencers – mentioning a brand or product by bloggers and other public people in their blog;

content partnership – promotion of the partner’s product by communicating with the audience on the Internet.

What does it take to make affiliate marketing work perfectly?

We have prepared a short guide for you:

1) First, find affiliate networks you can join. When choosing, pay attention to the volume of products and the level of payment.

2) Conclude a contract with the affiliate network and agree on payment.

3) Be sure to track the result of the partnership and analyze it. This is a very important step. You may not notice, but unscrupulous companies may pay you something completely different from what you agreed upon at the start of cooperation.

4) Having received certain targeting results, select the reference ones from them, analyze why they give high conversion rates and save them. The same should be done with the ads that did not bring the desired results.

5) Optimize the process of cooperation with a partner to the maximum. Find out what takes you more time, break this process into parts and work through each.

6) Remember fraud is still a thing. Unfortunately, it exists in affiliate marketing. Do not enter your data on dubious sites and protect the affiliate program to the maximum.

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