Ways To Promote Your Website

Promoting your business is one way to generate more traffic to your website. With higher traffic, you will in turn generate more leads and more sales. There are many ways to do this, some are free but many more are paid for. Both can work as well as each other, but choosing the right ones for your website and business is half the battle.

Here are some of the best ways to promote your business to increase the traffic to your site.

Guest blogging

This is a great way to start out and find new customers who you may never have tapped into otherwise. Writing a guest post on another website is a great way to get your business in front of a new audience. Although it doesn’t hold the SEO weight it once did, writing an engaging post to an already established audience will show off what your business has to offer.

Make sure that you find a site that is already targeting you customer base so that you know what you’ve got to say will resonate with the readers.


This is one of the most powerful forms of paid promotion on the internet. Pay per click or PPC is a format of advertising where the advertiser only pays when someone clicks on the advert. You can start a campaign yourself once you have researched into it and made sure your earnings-per-click are more than your cost-per-click.

If you are struggling with understanding this concept or simply don’t have the time to research it, there are many companies out there that can provide this service for you. Look for trusted experts such as Searchbloom. They can offer their Searchbloom PPC service which will take the stress out of getting it right.

Social Media

Utilizing the ever-growing dominance of social media to promote your website and business is another area to look into. You can promote your business for free by regularly posting on these platforms and growing your following organically. This can take time but ultimately will give you a better return as you will have a fully engaged platform to promote to.

Alternatively, you can either pay to advertise your website on these platforms or find influencers to help promote your products and services in exchange for payment. This can be costly and there aren’t really any guarantees it will be worth the money. 


This is another form of paid advertising that is similar to PPC. Instead of paying for each impression, you pay a flat fee per 1000 views. It lacks the depth of PPC but is still an effective form of advertising.

Email Marketing

Growing your own email list is essential for any website and business. It gives you direct access to a list of already engaged or existing customers. It can also be a great way of accessing new customers through promoting your business on someone else’s email list. As they are already engaged, they are more likely to listen to recommendations of other businesses. This can be a very cost effective promotion strategy.

As you can see, there are many options to promote your business depending on your budget. Ideally choose a couple to try and see which works best with your business model. 

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