Using Long Tail Keywords For E-commerce


Did you know long tail keywords make up 70% of web searches? Not only are long tail keywords often easier to rank for but they convert much better than more popular[and expensive!] terms. Understanding how to research long tail keywords and using them to rank can boost your site traffic with targeted consumers who are ready to buy.

So what is a long tail keyword exactly? Long tail keywords are terms that are specific to the products or services that use more detailed descriptions, such as “handmade organic soy candles” versus “candles”. In each industry or business, there are certain popular search terms that are very competitive and expensive to bid on or rank for. Taking advantage of long tail keywords that are less expensive and more targeted is a fantastic way to attract quality site traffic and grow your online business.

Additionally, these search terms used can often indicate where a consumer is in the research and purchasing process, providing great insight into your customers. Typically, the more specific the search term, the more likely they are to be seriously considering a purchase. Here are a few tips as you discover long tail keywords specific for your business:

  • To get started researching long tail keywords, try Google AdWord’s Keyword Planner tool for keyword suggestions, estimated bid rates and more. This helpful tool is great for suggesting search terms and keywords that you might be missing or could rank for easily.
  • Check your site’s Google Analytics to see how people are finding your site and what terms they are using.
  • Think about your product in specific terms—if someone was searching for a product like yours, what are some possible terms or phrases they’d type into Google or other search engines? For example, if you sell women’s clothing, consider researching and adding specific terms that apply to your product line, such as “organic cotton green skirt” or “handmade leather women’s shoes”.

Want to learn more about SEO and keywords? You’ll love this great guide from Moz.

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