Useful Online Resources for Businesses

It is now essential for businesses to have some form of online presence. Billions of people have access to the internet and use it every day for one thing or another. It’s reasonable, then, that you can find many resources for businesses online. If you’re in charge of running a business, you might very well be using these tools already. If not, you ought to be. Here are some examples of useful resources for companies that are available online.

Social Media

These platforms have proven incredibly popular not only with members of the general public but with businesses as well. They are excellent tools for marketing and generally engaging with your clients and customers with ease. Social media platforms are free to use, but you also have the ability to promote your company via these channels if you’re willing to pay. What’s brilliant is that a lot of these additional paid-for tools allow you to cap your spending when promoting your marketing posts, making it affordable for smaller businesses, too.

Seminars and Online Learning Portals

Live-streamed or pre-recorded lectures and seminars are available on various online platforms. In previous decades, time and money would have to be spent on attending such events, and people would often miss out due to their location or financial limitations. Today, you can listen to industry leaders talk and teach from anywhere in the world. Furthermore, online learning portals are great ways to offer staff training and refresher courses without having to take people away from their desks.

Chat Marketing

Chat marketing is an exciting digital marketing resource that businesses can use.  It focuses on individuals who have proven interests in what your business is offering. It can also be more engaging for potential customers and lead to increased revenue for your company. Chat marketing is commonly used on forums and social media sites, through things like a Facebook Messenger bot, and can effectively promote your products and services.


You will be able to view your business website’s analytics through your site administration portal or via Google. These statistics can be used to determine how many people are visiting your website and where from, how high the bounce rate is, and how many sales you are making via your e-commerce tools. All of this information is essential to manage your website effectively, as well as to understand the browsing and spending patterns of your customers. Furthermore, accessing your company’s social media analytics will also be able to guide you on how you can make your marketing and content more engaging.


Although it is technically labeled as a social media site, LinkedIn is used primarily as a professional networking tool. Use it to find prospective employers/employees and to keep up to date with industry news. Research what other relevant databases are online for you to use, as they are likely to be full of useful contact information and potential leads.

There are endless online resources for businesses, but use the examples above to make a start on improving yours.

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