UPS Ready – Enhancements your customers will love the new options to find and deliver to UPS stores.

Customers need options on where to have a product shipped, other than their home or work. Now there is fast, convenient way for your customers to find UPS Access Point™ locations, such as The UPS Store, local grocery stores, gaspetrol stations, and other local businesses that offer easy package drop-off and pickup. CoreCommerce supports UPS on a global basis, along with the other enhanced shipping options we already offer through the UPS integration.  

CoreCommerce has integrated three (3) new UPS tools giving your customers more flexibility when shipping and returning products via UPS. The services are in addition to real-time rate quotes, label printing and shipment tracking tools already available to you. The UPS terms for these new services are the UPS “Access Points”, UPS Store “Locator” and Mail Innovations. The enhancements are optional (configured in your CoreCommerce Admin) and increase the options your customers have for receiving and returning your products. All features are available at no additional cost to our customers.

UPS Access Point Locations, offers a way for customers to select alternative shipping destinations. UPS Access Point™ locations are convenient places, such as The UPS Store, local grocery stores, gaspetrol stations, and other local businesses that offer easy package drop-off and pickup.  UPS Access Point locations can be staffed retail locations or unstaffed locker locations.  With evening and weekend hours, UPS Access Point locations fit consumers’ schedules. This service is offered in over 50 origin countries and 19 destination countries that UPS serves.

This is a fast, convenient way for your customers to find alternative “ship to” locations close to their work or home, complete with a map and the store hours. Customers are not always home and this convenience enhances their confidence that your product will be received.  

On the checkout page, your customers will see an alternative ship to option. With the Locator API enabled, customers can select an alternative shipping location (i.e. a UPS Store). Which will say “Pick up from UPS Access Point”. If the customer selects “Pick up from Access Point”, they will see a 2nd drop down with a map, store details and the associated shipping rates.

The Access Point, when selected, will be saved as the Shipping Address for this specific order.

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The UPS Locator tool, like the Access Points, enables your customers to locate the nearest UPS Store to drop off a return – all done inside your store hosted by CoreCommerce. When the customer is logged in and reviews an order that was shipped using UPS, they will see a button that says “Find Nearest UPS Store”.  When they click this button, Corecommerce will show the customer a form with their shipping address auto populated and will search and return a list of The UPS Stores nearest that location. The customer can control the distance using the “Search Radius” select at the bottom of the form. By default it will use “5 Miles” and  show a list of results for the UPS stores/locations nearest to the supplied address.

UPS Mail Innovations has been added, which is a joint venture between UPS and the USPS where packages are picked up by UPS and ultimately delivered to the customer by the USPS. It is typically for high volume mailers with packages below 1 pound and is available for domestic and international delivery.

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Enabling the New Features:

To enable Access Points, Locator and Mail Innovations in your CoreCommerce Admin, login to your admin and navigate to Settings > Shipping Settings > Configure Real Time Carriers. Or, if using the design wizard, configure shipping and check the box for each optional feature under the UPS section.

In your Admin, there is also a “Re-register” button, please click it and it will associate your UPS account with CoreCommerce. All your previously entered UPS customer information will be preserved (account number, discounts).  All the functionality we developed with all locations supported by UPS globally. These new features are in addition to the existing functionality, including:

  • Real-time rate quotes with the option to show UPS negotiated rates
  • Label printing directly from the CoreCommerce store admin, you can easily reference the knowledge base on UPS setup.
  • Tracking of a shipment – Customers of merchants can see tracking information in their “my account section” of the merchant’s web site and in the email “order shipped” notification.

UPS and CoreCommerce have teamed up to deliver a more convenient way for your customers to receive products and drop off returns. If you have any questions, please contact our support team,

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