Understanding Consequences is Key to Decision Making

Its very important in every decision you make in life, and in business, to think about not only the benefits of said decision, but the consequences as well.

What do I lose by making this decision in this way? What do I have to give up or do without? Is it worth it? And am I willing to go without those things in order to gain the benefit?

Its very easy to get caught up in only the positive aspects of making a decision. And you do not always want to think about the negative side of making a decision at the time. Its very easy to say “Ill think about the consequences later”.

But doing that can be very costly and make you end up having to give up or do without things you didn’t take in consideration at the time you made the decision.

So weigh every decision by what good will come from it, and what negatives may come from it, and make sure the good outweighs the bad, otherwise, in the end, you are just left with some potential unwanted consequences to to clean up.

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