Trust Signals to Implement in Your eCommerce Business

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Of every element that makes up the customer journey in your business, trust is certainly the most important. Studies show that 81% of all customers say that trust is one of the most crucial aspects when choosing a brand, and is the deciding factor when making purchasing decisions. 

Creating a sense of trust is key in not only attracting your audience to your brand but converting them to paying, loyal customers. 

But, creating this trust is easier said than done. It is a series of different steps and aspects that are implemented in the business to create a relationship with the customer. So, with this in mind, we decided to unpack four key ways that you can create a sense of trust with your customer, and how you can integrate them into your customer journey. 

Create Several Engagement Touchpoints

One of the first areas to look at and optimize in your business is the various touchpoints that your customer will come across. It is important to remember that every single customer is different and has different preferences for getting in contact with your company. While some prefer telephonic discussions, others would rather use text, email and instant chat. 

Customers will also come across your brand from different entry points. While some might come across your website organically on search, others might find you on social media. You will need to have contact points at every touchpoint to ensure that they can reach you. One of the most popular touchpoints is instant messaging, which can be found on most social platforms, as well as be integrated on the site with chatbots. 

Let’s take Instagram, for example. This platform is rapidly growing in popularity for advertising and content marketing. Previously, it was challenging to engage directly with customers on the management tools due to their limited capacity. But now, with the latest Instagram DM API, teams are able to effectively manage all DMs through their management tools. This allows them to answer questions, handle complaints or direct them to the site to increase conversions. 

Give Your Customer Options During and After Purchase 

Customers don’t only want choice when it comes to communication and engagement, they want choice at every other part of the sales funnel. From payment options to delivery times and methods, increasing your conversion rates means giving customers a variety of options to pick and pay for their goods. 

Payment options are crucial to increasing your conversion rates. While most customers are using credit cards, other customers prefer using options like PayPal, direct deposit, or even cash on delivery. A variety of payment options will naturally increase the trust value, and you will find that the customers will most likely opt for the easier pick, which is the credit card option. 

Be transparent about shipping and returns from the outset too. Not only do unexpected costs or no-return policies increase cart abandonment, they destroy trust with your customer base. If a customer knows that you will happily accept and process returns, they are more likely to go through with the purchase. So, make sure your return policy is clear throughout the sales funnel. Transparency creates a sense of trust, so make each policy clear from the outset. 

Provide Them With Educational Content 

Content serves several purposes for your site. It firstly heightens your SEO and helps you reach new audiences with the smart use of keywords. But secondly, and importantly, it helps you create a sense of trust with your audience. The key is getting the right content out and establishing yourself as an authoritative figure on your subject matter. 

It is important for all sites to have a blog section. This is the part of your company that “gives back” to your customer, and provides them with vital content that they are looking for. You should be posting regular articles on content that your audience will actually learn from. 

These articles establish you as a sense of authority on these topics, and your audience will start trusting you as a verified source of useful information. You will notice your traffic increasing as they click on these informative pieces to actually learn something from you. You can then include CTAs in your content to landing and product pages of associated products, and increase your conversion rates. 

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Allow Customer Feedback 

Engagement is one thing, but getting product feedback from your customer is a whole different ball game. Feedback can come from surveys or feedback forms sent directly to the customers. Finding out how you did, what they think of the product and what your services were like is key to mold your strategy going forward. 

It is also important to allow feedback and customer reviews to be visible on your product pages. Customers who are making a purchasing decision are more likely to make the purchase if there are other customer comments on the product pages and positive reviews about the products. 

Keep reviews and comments open on your social platforms. Customers are more likely to trust your brand if they can verify your brand on open platforms like Facebook. 

Last Thoughts

Trust is a key part of the customer journey which you have to work continuously on. Once you start getting the basics right, you will start noticing an increase in traffic and conversions on your site. 

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