Towards a Stronger, Better Customer Community…Introducing the New CoreCommerce Support Center

Over the course of the past few months, the CoreCommerce team has been working hard to roll out new product enhancements, third party integrations, and a better support platform for our customers. Today, we are pleased to announce the official launch of the new CoreCommerce Support Center.

For those of you familiar with our Knowledge Base, the new Support Center provides the same “self-service” portal for questions related to the software, but in a more navigable, user-friendly format.

In addition, the Support Center provides a number of new features that we hope will better support our customers in the work of running their online businesses.

Enhanced Opportunities for Engagement

If you have taken the time to browse through the numerous articles available in the Support Center but haven’t found the information you need, the new Support Center makes it easy to get in touch with tech support with a simple click of the mouse.


From within any article in the Support Center, you’ll notice this sidebar:


Simply click on “Email Us” to submit an email ticket or initiate a live chat. Or, call us at the number provided. You can also post a question to the public forum – but more on that in a minute!

Community Forum

The community of business owners and administrators who use CoreCommerce is diverse and experienced – and a great resource for others who are seeking advice in launching or managing their businesses. The community forum component of the new Support Center allows CoreCommerce customers to ask questions of the CoreCommerce community – about eCommerce, business management, or best practices in using the CoreCommerce software.

When customers post a public question, other members of the CoreCommerce community will have the opportunity to respond – thus creating an open door for continual learning and engagement with other business owners. We simply ask that forum participants maintain an attitude of openness and kindness towards the questions of others.

The forum is located at the bottom of the Support Center above the footer.


To post a question, simply click on any article title or public question, and click on “Post a Public Question” under “Contact Us.” Simply fill out the form – and post your question for responses by the CoreCommerce community. You will also notice that as you begin typing your question, related articles containing relevant keywords will appear in the sidebar to the right. These are additional resources that may assist you as you collect information related to your inquiry.

Questions and responses are moderated to insure that participation is only by current CoreCommerce customers and that questions and responses adhere to the general guidelines of the forum.

To reply to a question posted by a member of the CoreCommerce community, simply click on the question you would like to respond to and fill in the “Post Your Public Answer” form.

Video Tutorials

The new Support Center platform provides the capability to house video tutorials. We are planning to release a series of how-to video tutorials in the coming months. If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like addressed in the video series, simply respond to the “Video Tutorial Topics” question in the forum!

In conclusion, we believe that the new platform provides a much more engaging, user-friendly supportive environment for our customers. We hope you enjoy browsing the new Support Center and engaging with other customers in the public forum!

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