Top Ruby on Rails Gems

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web application framework. Because of its effortlessness and productivity, it is regarded as a perfect start-up technology. Ruby on rails is used by 417,933 websites and 199,370 distinct domains, according to SimilarTech. It’s an excellent framework for creating feature-rich web applications that use the MVC pattern to speed up web development.

Ruby on Rails gems that enables quick prototyping and testing, reduce coding effort, and boost time to market, are significantly responsible for the success of ROR. ROR gems are libraries that enable developers to add innovative features without writing code. These gems are similar to plugins, and they may be found for a variety of purposes, including money processing, authentication, and testing.

The most downloaded gems in 2022, according to an official report from These figures would give you a good impression of Ruby on Rail’s popularity. This will show you which rail gems are the most beneficial. 

This post will showcase a few most useful ROR  gems for development.

Top Ruby on Rails Gems for Web Development 

These best ruby gems may help developers construct some great ruby-on-rails applications. 

They may use Ruby on Rails gems to develop customized ROR apps with various features. Let’s look at some of the most well-known ROR gems.


Total Downloads: 269,109,252 | GitHub Stars: 6.4K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 1.9.3

Developers frequently run into complications with library integration or binding Ruby gems when writing code. They must transact with a large number of mistakes at that time. As a result, it’s recommended to hire Ruby on Rails developers with skills. Pry is an excellent solution for eliminating these worries and debugging the mistakes. Developers can use these gems to set some breakpoints and debug the code. Runtime invocation, unusual object support, syntax highlighting, command shell integration, and a versatile and impactful command scheme are Pry’s unique characteristics.


Total Downloads: 25,356,795 | GitHub Stars: 5.1 K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.2.2

The developers use the Draper gem to create decorators for the model. Drapers display properties and incorporate object approaches. The view can be created more quickly with this gem, and developers may easily specify a decorator without writing the helpers.


Total Downloads: 16,358,300 | GitHub Stars: 3.7 K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 0

Figaro is the next ROR gem on the list. Figaro is a popular rails gems software management platform built on Heroku. For the safe setup of the Rails-based web application, we need an ENV and YAML record. This gem is likely to keep adequate SCM and organized data from each other. It also analyses the YAML data before loading the value into ENV.

ActiveRecord Import

Total Downloads: 370,647,686 | GitHub Stars: 50.7 K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.7.0

Active Record Import is another option on the list. The biggest chunk of records may be readily incorporated using ActiveRecord-import. It performs as Active record affiliations imply while requiring modest SQL embedded statements. You won’t be dealing with N+1 insert troubles after installing the rail gems if you employ specialized programmers with the necessary expertise. The Active record is an excellent solution if you need to submit 10 records. It can be difficult to transmit a big number of records using Perl. In either case, it comes in handy when importing external data. Data conversion time is greatly improved when using ActiveRecord-based conversion.


Total Downloads: 61,965,456 | GitHub Stars: 6.5 K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.3

The bullet gem is intended to improve the performance of your application by minimizing the number of queries it does. When you create your application, it will watch your queries and notify you when eager loading (N+1) should be used and when counter caching should be used.


Total Downloads: 3,756,259 | GitHub Stars: 3.6 K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.6

Ahoy is an analysis framework for tracking events and visitors in native JavaScript and Ruby apps. It’s not particularly a gem, but rather its ruby engine. It is useful in keeping track of the location’s origin, traffic source, and device data by generating visit tickets. It also allows clients to consider the UTM parameters of site visits. The app may also monitor events and visits.

Kaminiari gems

Total Downloads: 109,577,586 | GitHub Stars: 8.2K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.0.0

With over 5 million downloads, Kaminari is the most popular Rails gem. With ActiveRecord imports to simple arrays, Kaminari can paginate anything. Ruby  Gems is one of the most common ROR  discussion topics.

Geocoder Gem

Total Downloads: 41,282,586| GitHub Stars: 6K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.0.0

Another one on the list is the Geocoder gem. The Ruby gem Geocoder is a geocoding library. Users can benefit from geocoding since it provides them with location-specific information. Geocoder adds geocoding features to Rails, such as translating Street Addresses to coordinates and vice versa and calculating distances for ActiveRecord entries. Finding different geocoded items in an area works fine for databases like PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite since the feature does not rely on proprietary database operations.


Total Downloads: 228,549,030| GitHub Stars: 11.8K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.6.0

RuboCop is one of the most prominent RubyGems for assessing code quality, making it a favorite among developers. It guarantees that the web application’s code follows the Ruby Style Guide for the greatest outcomes. There’s no place for poor Ruby code development since style errors are reported on the command line. One of RuboCop’s biggest advantages is that it automatically corrects common errors such as line breaks, syntax, gaps, and more.


Total Downloads: 125,737,393| GitHub Stars: 22.4K | Licence: MIT | Required Ruby version: >= 2.1.0

Devise is one of the most popular Ruby on Rails gems in 2019. It simplifies and expedites the task. Omniauthable, Confirmable, Trackable, Recoverable, Rememberable, Registrable, Timeoutable, Lockable, Database Authenticatable, Validatable, and FriendlyId are among the ten modules that Devise takes into consideration. Every module’s primary key (database ID) automatically recognizes resource URLs. However, The non-optimized URL of the web page may force Rails developers to deal with it. FriendlyId transforms the URL into a more memorable and responsive web page address. The best aspect is that no changes to the web application’s code are required, making it a popular Ruby gem.


It is usual to utilize ruby gems while constructing a Ruby on Rails application. Authentication, authorization, testing, and file uploads are just a few of the difficulties solved by these popular gems in Rails apps. Because these gems are reusable code, you won’t have to create your program as much time. However, keep in mind that gems alone will not resolve every one of your development problems; you will need to involve Ruby on Rails engineers to provide specific ROR solutions.

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