Top Online Gaming Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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There’s no doubt that the online gaming industry is in a constant phase of disruption. Every now and then, the online gaming community experiences something that becomes all the rage and drives gamers crazy. As such, it becomes important for gaming marketers to keep up with the changes that are always happening in the gaming world. Here’s an article that details some of the top online gaming marketing trends. Continue reading!

Conversational marketing

Put simply, this is an interaction-led way to marketing. In conversational marketing, gaming brands aim at engaging customers by placing a major focus on one-to-one interaction in real-time. AI, ML and data analytics are the centrepieces of this approach to marketing.

As per recent research by IBM, more than two-thirds of customers want instant answers to their queries. And from a gaming marketer’s perspective, it’s a great way to generate leads. For those who are wondering how, well, providing instant answers to a customer’s questions drives engagement. This results in higher conversion rates and an increase in the number of sales.

There are several ways in which gaming brands implement conversational marketing. On their social media handles, you can find click-to-messenger ads that direct traffic directly to the messenger. The gaming apps, on the other hand, have a dedicated button or section to have conversations.

Content personalization

Content personalization is a marketing strategy that leverages customers’ data to provide them with exactly what they want. Some of the world’s most successful companies like Amazon, Google and Netflix have been using content personalization for quite a while now. And the online gaming world is also capitalizing on that.

By using personalization, game developers are able to offer content that’s very likely to appeal to you. When you choose to play Roulette online, for example, any good online gaming platform will recommend games that you’ll find interesting and are likely to give a try.

In order to offer highly personalized content, a gaming company needs to be data-driven. Also, gaming firms must have the apt technology and talent in place that can derive insights from consumer data. With content personalization, the chances of conversion increase by almost 50%, according to a recent study by Hubspot.

Influencer Marketing

Anyone who uses social media is highly likely to be aware of what influencer marketing is. As a quick refresher, it’s a form of social media marketing where brands partner with influencers to drive their message to the intended audience. While the concept of influencer marketing is quite old, it has gained steam in the past few years, all thanks to the exponential rise in the use of social media.

As any experienced marketer would tell, influencer marketing usually generates better results than the traditional way of using celebrities to market to a large demographic. The reason – As influencers constantly interact and engage with people through multiple social media channels, the chances of their followers reacting to the campaign are relatively high.

In the online gaming industry, you can find top brands working with popular gaming influencers to let people know about their new offerings or promotional campaigns. Influencers sharing photos and videos about the campaign in a creative and personalized way is the most popular form of influencer marketing strategy.

So, these were some of the top marketing trends in the online gaming world. Other commonly used marketing strategies include experiential marketing, programmatic advertising and email marketing.

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