Top Growing Industries in 2022


The past couple of years have been extremely challenging for several industries. However, by adapting to the world’s changes, many have managed to thrive during this period. Let us look at some of these industries and see why they are predicted to grow even further in 2022. Read on to find out more.

Real Estate

According to the Halifax House Price Index, in 2022, the average housing prices in the UK reached a new record high. They predict that the market will continue to grow in 2022 but will slow down in the second half of the year. There are a few factors that may have contributed to this continued growth. For example, the way people work has changed. More businesses are starting to allow their employees to work from home. This makes home-workers want to invest is comfortable living. 

Artificial Intelligence

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an area in computer science that is concerned with building smart machines that can carry out tasks that usually require human intelligence. The rise of big data and need for algorithms have led to a boom in this industry. Although AI is still in its infancy, its growth potential is tremendous. AI is used in several industries, such as manufacturing, finance, gaming and more. 

Online Casinos

Over the past couple of years, online casinos have boomed thanks to their accessibility, and user-friendly interfaces. People are now spending longer periods of time at home and have more time to spend online. Online casinos such as provide hours of entertainment to a wide audience, offering a vast selection of games from different genres, where customers can quickly dip in and out of games when they like. New casino games are also released often, and with people spending so much time at home, the online casino industry is bound to continue growing in 2022. 


Not too long ago, many countries closed their borders, and travelling became difficult and problematic for people. The consequences for the tourism industry were quite drastic. Hotels, restaurants, bars, theatres, cinemas, and other sectors had to close their doors for lengthy periods of time, and unfortunately, many even went out of business. However, things started to improve gradually, and travelling became safer. Many people have missed travelling and are now eager to get on a plane and visit new destinations. In fact, countries have also started to ease their travelling restrictions, and airlines are increasing their routes. It certainly looks like 2022 could be a much better year for the tourism industry.

Digital Marketing

The growth in the digital marketing industry goes hand in hand with the changes we have seen over the past couple of years. People now spend much more time online than they did before. Shopping is done on e-commerce shops like Amazon, movies are watched on video streaming platforms like Netflix, and social media platforms like Instagram are used for several hours each day by the majority. Digital Marketing gives businesses a massive opportunity to reach customers online. It allows businesses to not only reach their pre-existing customers, but also new ones. Every business needs to market themselves digitally in today’s digital world. This is an industry that will continue to grow along the years.


2022 looks like it will be a good year for these industries. These industries have all pulled through in difficult circumstances and should continue to do so in 2022. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic, and it will be exciting to see how things develop.

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