Top Ecommerce Apps & Integrations to Increase Productivity

Integrations to Increase Productivity

Running a firm is seldom a straight line; rather, it’s more like a fast race through a series of technological, logistical, and financial obstacles. And the difficulties that business owners are facing as a result of the pandemic have grown. Because of this, streamlining and simplifying your online store as much as you can is crucial.

Making sure you’re utilizing the greatest e-commerce software tools and that they integrate nicely with one another is one approach to achieving this. You want to spend as little time as possible setting up and troubleshooting third-party integrations with your e-commerce platform so that you can get the most out of it and concentrate on more crucial tasks. Integrations play a crucial role in your e-commerce platform at this point.

Ecommerce Integrations Increase Your Productivity

The greatest e-commerce integrations connect your most crucial software programs effortlessly, giving your customers and shoppers a frictionless front-end experience and giving you a low-maintenance back-end. With connectors, you can manage numerous systems more easily, gain precise insights into the operation of your online store, and increase sales and customer happiness. By automating crucial processes and lowering the demand for human engagement in day-to-day operations, ecommerce integrations should boost your productivity. 

Website Builder

You can use a variety of options from an AI website builder like Appy Pie Website, Wix, Squarespace, or Weebly to create the website that’s best for your goods and target audience. A few website builders double as e-commerce systems that focus on online sales. Numerous websites also provide e-commerce services including online databases, membership portals, social sharing capabilities, and mobile-friendly designs. Since they understand you’re not just creating and running a store, but also marketing it and syncing its data with other systems, all website builders ought to include interfaces with other essential programs. 

Shipping And Fulfillment Software

Shipping may have a significant impact on how rapidly your business’s fortunes improve or fall as it expands. For instance, you cannot take the chance of suffering shipping or delivery issues because of incorrect addresses or delays in the delivery of expensive jewelry. You have a responsibility to deliver consumers’ orders in a timely, dependable, and secure manner. Customers increasingly anticipate quick shipment that is either free or cheap, thanks to the prevalence of accelerated shipping services like Amazon Prime. Customers don’t appreciate receiving unexpected shipping charges during the checkout process, which is one of the main causes of cart abandonment in many online retailers.

Email Marketing Solution

With four billion users worldwide, there’s a good chance that you’re one of them. Most outbound and inbound sales and marketing initiatives were traditionally built around email. Many companies use email addresses to identify consumers specifically, and email is the preferred method of communication for order confirmations, sales and discount codes, and store additions or modifications. Both B2B and B2C ecommerce companies use it the most frequently of any kind of marketing automation.

SMS Marketing Solution

The best technique to expand an online business is quickly evolving to be text marketing, which reaches customers. The fact that more customers are making mobile purchases is one factor in the growth of SMS marketing. More than half of all online sales are now made through mobile devices, which now make up more than 65 percent of all e-commerce traffic. Customers want to be able to use their phones to quickly and easily search, browse, subscribe to text messages, receive promotion codes through text, add things to their carts, and finish purchases.  

Payment Gateway

Your online sales core is a web-based payment system. A payment gateway checks the banking and credit card data sent back and forth between you and your clients as the last step in the checkout process in a secure and timely manner. Customers now expect your website to offer a variety of payment methods, including PayPal and Klarna as well as Visa and Mastercard. Merchants can choose as well. You can incorporate a redirect payment processor, which will send your consumers to the payment processor’s website to submit their credit card information before returning them to your business after the transaction is complete. 

Social Media Management Tool

Being active on social media is probably necessary if you want to reach your target audience. Social media platforms are a terrific location for your business to listen to customers, engage with them, influence their purchase decisions, and assist them to solve problems because at least two-thirds of all Americans spend time there every day. A quick and simple approach to automate conversations, save time, and guarantee that you’re communicating your brand’s message consistently is to integrate your social media monitoring software with your existing marketing and e-commerce software. 

Customer Support Software

Customers return to your store if they are happy with it. Because of this, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re meeting clients where they are to respond to their inquiries, worries, or complaints with promptness and knowledge. The simplest way to achieve this is to make sure that your ecommerce platform is integrated with all of your customer service methods, including live chat, help desk, etc. This enables you to maintain a single point of record for all of your interactions with a customer and makes it easier for you to consistently deliver excellent customer service.


It takes a lot of work to run a successful business, but there are ways to speed up and simplify the process. These shortcuts are integrations. Integrations across several software programs enable you to automate operations, synchronize vital sales data, scale high-quality services to more clients, and reduce the likelihood of a human mistake.

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