Top 5 eCommerce Content Strategies for 2022

Content Strategies

In order to flourish in our fast-paced environment, your eCommerce must provide an abundance of high-quality content. The average adult in the United States today spends over 11 hours each day consuming content, so if you don’t give your audience what they want, they will find it elsewhere.

In the beginning, content production can be intimidating. Moreover, numerous online stores employ full content marketing teams to handle the immense work.

But once you pair an established, repeatable method with simple technologies to expedite your work, you’ll be able to provide great content for your followers and clients across numerous media without wasting time.

Take a look at the handpicked eCommerce content strategies below that will help you become better (and faster) at content creation.

Consider AI writing tools

The proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has enabled writers to expedite the content creation process. Simple AI writing tools are available for checking spelling and punctuation, while more sophisticated applications offer copywriting and article generation with the push of a button.

The major advantage of using these technologies is the speed at which content is generated, which is substantially faster than human authors. A two-page piece may take a human writer 30 minutes to an hour to finish, including research and writing, but AI can complete it in a few minutes.

AI writing tools increase the scalability of work by multiplying this writing efficiency by the number of articles to be written at any one time.

If you don’t feel like handing over huge portions of your work to an AI writing tool, you can start with a paragraph or two. For instance, there are tools that offer paragraph rewriter features. The tool will use a paragraph that you have provided and it will rewrite it for you in a matter of seconds. 

Use a plagiarism checker tool

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Plagiarism checkers are useful tools for detecting instances of duplicate content and avoiding the use of already published work. Anyone who is serious about their work, be it academic or research papers, needs to gain access to this specialized software.

These programs are quite efficient. A reliable plagiarism checker software can search the entire internet in seconds. In a short amount of time, they compare your copy to documents from all across the world and flag any part, paragraph, or section that has been plagiarized.

A plagiarism checker will tell you what percentage of your original content is duplicated if you write relevant content and submit it to be checked. You will learn how unique your writing is and if any adjustments are necessary.

Know your niche

Start laying the groundwork for your content foundation by determining between three to five core content categories that best represent your business. Each and every piece of content that you produce should, in some way, be connected to one of these categories, which will serve as the overarching themes or topics.

Let’s say you’ve got a Shopify store where you sell vintage t-shirts. The primary categories of your store could be product listings, styles, and eco-friendliness. After that, anything you post will automatically relate to at least one of these ideas.

By beginning with the categories, you won’t only make it easier for potential clients to understand your particular eCommerce market segment, but you’ll also be able to focus on the aspects of your idea that are most relevant.

Make monthly plans

The best practice is to generate at least one month’s worth of content ideas in advance. If you outline your ideas in advance, not only will your content be more consistent, but you will also be able to redirect the time you would have spent on individual brainstorming sessions to the actual creation of your content.

Of course, having a predetermined strategy doesn’t mean that you must adhere to it to the letter. If trending themes or breaking news emerge in your business, you can always reorder your editorial calendar to suit new developments.

Essentially, your content strategy should not be a straitjacket that binds you to a predefined content plan. Rather, it should be one of several tools in your armory that reduces the amount of time required to develop your content.

Nevertheless, although it may sound extreme, outlining at least a month’s worth of topics in advance will allow you to reduce your content marketing preparation time by at least 50%.

Subdue procrastination

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One of the greatest hurdles to creative writing occurs before any writing takes place. In fact, procrastination destroys potentially excellent articles before they are even written.

Therefore, in order to consistently write high-quality articles, you must first commit to writing them. The simplest approach to accomplish this is to acquire the mindset that creating something of average quality is acceptable, as long as you’re willing to attempt it in the first place.

Usually, the fear of writing something bad is what prevents us from beginning the process in the first place. So if you allow yourself to be bad, starting to write won’t be as difficult. 

Obviously, there are other causes of procrastination (such as boredom, lack of enthusiasm, etc.), so addressing all of these issues is crucial for your ability to consistently produce content. If you’re feeling bored, you may want to perform a few physical exercises to spice things up. If lack of motivation is a problem for you, try reminding yourself what it’s all about and considering the greater picture.

Final words

When content teams are small, it might be challenging to meet the growing content demand. With so many eCommerce marketers operating in the dark without an in-depth understanding of content analytics, a great deal of time is wasted on developing ineffective content.

So, what should you do when your online store requests more content at a faster pace? For a start, stop by this article and implement the tips you have just seen. They will help you generate new content in no time.

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