Tips To Grow Your Corporate Training Companies In 2021

2021 is officially the post-pandemic year. More companies are now planning to adopt remote working as their work solution. As a result, corporate training companies came up with several online learning products to ensure that remote employees are not facing negative consequences of this decision by their firms. 

The number of eLearning providers is only increasing. This means that the corporate training companies are now facing competition to put their product in the top spot. Like every other industry, it involves a few tactics to sell your product better. 

One of the major challenges that companies are now facing is keeping the users interested and engaged. You need to understand the expectations of your audience and provide relevant solutions to them. A simple interaction in the initial stages of building your online product can help you filter the content as per the user’s needs. 

You want your corporate training business to grow smarter and not only faster. Here’s how you can achieve both. 

  • Tap user needs 

An individual will be interested to work with you when you tap their needs. Once you have an answer to their pain points, you are already better than a dozen others out there. Find the real problems that employees of an organization are facing in order to understand the product that employers are looking for. 

The best way to tap the needs is by conducting a few surveys, taking interviews, and noting down observations. You can also try action-mapping techniques to develop strategies that will help you capture the needs of your real audience. 

  • Offer balance between quick answers and deep learning

Today, everyone is in search of a quick-fix. When it comes to the professional environment, they need immediate answers for tasks that are done infrequently or have low-risk attached. 

It is true that you can’t possibly offer a quick solution to every learning-based matter. Learning that is related to technical skills or longer-term behaviors requires deep commitment and engagement from learners. 

Take leadership training and compliance training, for instance. Leadership training is conducted to help learners with cognitive thinking and shaping better perceptions as well as behaviors. Compliance training is about inducing small daily habits in employees that will not put the company at risk. Both require something that engages and challenges employees. 

Thus, it is vital for corporate training firms to offer solutions that will deliver both quick and deep learning solutions. 

  • Aim to keep users engaged 

To become the best, you need to offer the best. It is that simple. You have just seven seconds to impress your learner and help them decide if you have their attention. To do that, you need to offer what they are looking for. You can use the right authoring tool to ensure that your content adapts to the individual needs of the users. You should also consider using ai text to speech tool for generating engaging voiceovers for your training materials. 

Ultimately, the user experience will keep your learners hooked and also help them learn what they have been looking for. Use digital tools to assess learners, capture their answers, and offer personalized reports with targeted advice to help them improve. 

  • Use incentives to make them come back 

Incentives act like a great motivation tool. As a corporate training company, you can offer plenty of incentives to users that will help them grow and move further ahead up the success ladder in their organization. 

With your online learning product, you can add a certification on completion. You can also add reward points, badges, leadership boards, and other gamification features to make it a mix of educational and entertaining sources. Do not forget to use success stories to further lure your users! 


eLearning is now the talk of the town. With several corporate training launching various eLearning products, the competition is high. You need to use the right tools and strategies to outrank your competitors. Be it luring your users with incentives or tapping their, make sure your strategies are user-centric.  

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