Solid Email Marketing in 2020

Solid Email Marketing

Solid Email marketing can include adding pop0ups on your site can dramatically increase the number of leads to your email marketing strategy. While these can be quite annoying they have been shown to be effective still. According to Sumo about 30% perform better on your first pop-up.

You want to make sure your pop-ups target customers who stay on the site for a period of time vs the ones who click out immediately. This ensures you get the most engaged leads possible. There are many tools available to build your pop-ups with services such as SleekNote 

Calls to action

Every solid email marketing campaign should have some action for the customer to take. This can include anything from Popups, clickable URL links, buy now buttons, or click here for more. According to Campaign Monitor these simple buttons can increase click-through rates by as much as 127%! You can also use a service such as Qualzz.

Content that Counts

Getting clicks and consistent subscribers to your emails mean creating content for your emails that will feel personable to your leads. Examples can include sending emails from someone directly vs a generic email. Create a relationship with them by using phrases such as, “You will love our blog! Click Here to learn more!”. A service such as MailChimp can automatically input your lead’s name or other information directly into your email subject and body sections. 

Email Segmentation

Everyone is different and so should your emails be. By segmenting out your emails can directly speak to specific audiences that might otherwise ignore your email. If you are emailing vendors, you would not want them to receive the same email as your loyal customers.MailChimp has the functions and capabilities to allow you to segment your email lists. According to Hubspot by segmenting your email campaigns you can see a 760% increase!

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