Tips for Designing a Car Dealership Website

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So, you’re setting up your car dealership, and you know that most people who want to buy a new car are likely going to do a quick online search for cars for sale in their area before they come to visit to see the car they like and take it for a test drive. While you can certainly get a lot of attention from placing car ads online on sites like Autotrader and even Facebook Marketplace, it’s a good idea to set up your own professional car dealership website. Not only does this ensure that your potential customers know that your business is legit, but it also gives them a central place that they can visit to check out all the different cars that you have for sale. When setting up a car dealership website, there are a few things to consider. Before you get started, here are some key things to keep in mind. 

Check Out Other Dealership Websites

While it’s never a good idea to just straight up copy your competitors, you can certainly get a lot of inspiration from looking at the websites of successful car dealerships in your area and beyond, such as John Charles Motor Group. Visit the website to get an idea for how car dealership websites tend to be laid out, how to design your car listings, and what information to include. It’s also worth checking out other types of websites and having a look at web design sites and blogs to get some ideas for how you would like your website to look before you take your ideas to your designer or start making it yourself using a DIY web design tool. 

Make Sure It’s Mobile Friendly

Even when shopping for a new car, most people these days are browsing the web on their mobile. If your car dealership website isn’t mobile-friendly, that could put a lot of people off when they’re trying to browse for a potential new car and can’t see the ad properly because it won’t load right on a smaller screen. Whether you’re paying a designer or customising a template to make your own website, one of the first things to ensure is that the design is responsive. 

Focus on Navigation

When using your website, people need to be able to get to where they want to be quickly. Spending some time building a good navigation system will certainly pay off for you in the future. For example, you could include a menu that easily allows your potential customers to find cars by price, make, or age, and definitely have a search button in a prominent place so that anyone browsing your site can quickly search for the type of car they are looking for. 

Add Social Shares

Make sure that social sharing buttons are integrated into your website and for each individual ads. This way, even if a user who is browsing can’t find a car that they like from your dealership, they can easily and quickly share cars with people they know who might, helping you get more exposure. 

These days, the internet is the first place to go for pretty much anything, including buying a new car. So, if you’re starting a car dealership, keep these tips in mind when designing your website. 

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