Three Types of Roulette: The Differences


The actuality of roulette, in fact, hasn’t decreased since the 18th century, and the main reason for such consistency is undoubtedly a huge outburst of emotions that this game brings. Amusement, strategy, passion, and a wealth of wagering choices all add to the rush of spinning the roulette wheel. In this game, your win or lose fully depends on just a few rebounds from the powerful roulette ball.

If you feel like trying your luck in roulette, but don’t have enough knowledge about the types and their differences, you’re welcome to discover it in this article.

Roulette in Online Casino

Before making a choice to bet in a roulette game, it is worthwhile to familiarize yourself with the basic kinds of roulette wheels and the allocation of numbers. As the wheel is the crucial part of the game, which defines the final result of each wagering round, you should be aware of details concerning its work. There are three main versions of roulette: French, European, and American with minor, but intriguing changes to each of them.

French. Classic French roulette keeps the rules very simple. The spinning wheel carries 37 segments, numbered from 0 to 36. The segment of green is called “zero”. The main difference between French roulette and other types of roulette is that players voice their bets. In fact, the player calls the dealer the amount of bets and the number and then gives him the chips. Chips are placed on the playing field by the dealer, who uses different systems – Zero Spiel, Tiers du Cylindre, 2-4, and neighboring numbers, Orphelin Plein, and others.

European roulette in casinos is a type that enjoys more attention from gamblers than French roulette as here you are able to select the type of game payout. European roulette has 10 kinds of gaming contributions, but the possibility of voicing bets is absent. Moreover, here is another ratio of bets and prizes.

American roulette developed much later than the European one. However, it has the main contrast of the presence of two sectors of “zero”, that is the number of sections 38. In addition, the American roulette table is smaller, the number of bets increased to 11 and the rule of “change” works as well.

Unusual types of roulette

Aside from traditional types of roulette, there are also some noteworthy kinds with untypical rules, among which are:

Multi-Wheel Roulette – enables the player to bet simultaneously on eight wheels;

Jackpot Roulette – a game of classical format with the option of adding a bonus round for the greater prize;

Mini-Wheel – a compact version of roulette with 12 numbers and a zero;

Zero Lounge – roulette with no built-in casino advantage;

Roulette with two balls – the drawing uses two balls, which maximizes the chance of winning, just enough for one of them to fall on the right field.

These variants are just amazing in case you’d like to try something new and special. It brings a slight diversification to the classic rules and brings additional excitement.

American Roulette

The American variation developed separately from the European one and it still enjoys a huge popularity in North and South America. The main feature is the growing advantage of the casino, so it is more difficult to win compared to its European counterpart. Thus, there are only thirty-eight places on the roulette wheel. The last two, traditionally green, are the zero.

To define how particularly this variation is special, the list of differences from French and European roulette is introduced here: 

  • You can wager 11 main bets, as five-number bets have been added to the “internal” bets: zero, double zero, one, two, and three.
  • The size of the gaming table has diminished.
  • Some real and online casinos use the “change” rule. In case a player makes a bet with a chance to win fifty-fifty, then when some sector of zeroes falls out, he will obtain only half of the money.

European Roulette

The European version of roulette is considered to be best suited for newbies, as it has classic rules and the highest payout percentage. The game wheel has 37 cells – numbers 1-36, plus an additional single sector zero. It’s quite straightforward to delve into, and after just a few walkthroughs, the mechanics seem very familiar.

The main features:

  •  There are 10 types of gaming contributions possible. 
  •  The ratio of money bet to money won significantly differs.
  •  Speech bets are not allowed.

French roulette

This authentic game is indeed one of the most ancient table games. In fact, French roulette has a slightly altered table layout, but it still uses the European wheel. Every player has to put their chips on the table, based on how they prefer to bet. The choice varies between red and black, even and odd, and the number ranges from 1 to 18 and 19 to 36.

Here are the distinctions:

  • Names and terms are used only in French: “single zero roulette” – sector “zero”, “rouge/noir” – red/black, “pair/impair” – “odd/even,” and so on.
  • It is allowed to bet verbally, telling the dealer what bet the player wants to make and giving him the chips.
  • There are some additional rules, such as En Prison, which gives players a second chance to win money on outside bets if the ball hits zero. And the La Partage rule gives players a chance to win back some of their lost money if a zero is struck.

The Conclusion 

After gaining an awareness of the basics of the game as explained above, it will be relatively effortless to place a bet. The ultimate roulette strategy is to figure out the game, monitor your bankroll, make a bet, and relish the thrill of the game while the ball is rolling. The rest will certainly be done by luck, and if it is on your side, thrilling emotions will overwhelm you as you will feel the taste of a perfect prize.