Three Tips To Help You Start Blogging [And Stick With It!]

iStock_000015845645XSmallMost e-commerce business owners understand the importance of having a great blog and the role it plays in drawing organic traffic, educating consumers, as source of fresh content to share via social media and much more. Two common obstacles that many run into when it comes to getting started with blogging is that it consistently requires investing time into and coming up with creative ideas for posts can be overwhelming. To get past these two obstacles, here are three tips to help you start blogging and stay with it to benefit your business:

  • Plan posts and content in advance. A good place to start when it comes to blogging is to create a list of five or so different subjects that are related to your business, product line or lifestyle, and plan posts and content around those each month. For example, if your business is selling kitchenware, a few broad subjects to write about could include kitchen how-to’s, unique uses for your product/s, recipes using products you sell, cookware reviews and even “cooking lifestyle” related topics like kitchen design or growing your own herbs. From there, find great images(or grab a good camera and take a few shots!) that fit your brand.
  • Staying consistent is important. Blogging is a lot like going to the gym–it takes a little time to see results as long as you stay consistent. Writing on a regular basis can be intimidating for a lot of people but don’t let that stop you. Ideally, writing three times a week is great but if that’s too much at the beginning, try writing twice a week and move up from there. Find what works for you and stick with it!
  • Write down ideas when the inspiration strikes. As with all writers(even bloggers!), there will be weeks when you feel very inspired and have tons of ideas for blog posts. Write those down! Keeping a list of blog ideas is really helpful when you’re planning posts and for those times when you have writer’s block. Spend an hour a week brainstorming and researching blog post ideas for fresh ideas and to keep a pulse on your market or industry.

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