Three Brands Doing Social Media Right

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Creating a great brand experience across all of your platforms doesn’t have to be complicated. Consumers want to connect and be engaged on social media, a unique opportunity that every business should jump on. Here are three major brands doing a great job with social media that any business can take inspiration from:

  • Oreo: Of all the brands active on social media, Oreo is at the top of the list. With every piece of content, post and response, their social media team does a fantastic job of engaging fans. The brand has a great sense of humor and uses that as the foundation of their marketing. In fact, Oreo’s content is so much fun to watch and engage in, you hardly realize it’s marketing at all. Oreo gets really creative with their content, especially using Vine to create fun, short videos, and taking inspiration from pop culture.
  • Anthropologie: As one of the top lifestyle brands, Anthropologie is known for a distinctive in-store experience and beautifully curated images of their products. They are one of the best examples of taking a brand identity and translating it effectively across platforms, from social media to a lifestyle blog. Anthro’s highly engaged audience often posts about their products or amazing images, which their team reposts–the best form of promotion and marketing! Asking open ended questions and showing consumers different ways to wear their products are two simple practices to include in any social strategy.
  • Chipotle: There are a few things that immediately come to mind that makes Chipotle stand out–an amazing product(or as they say, “food with integrity”), giving back to the community and a sense of humor. Chipotle does a great job of communicating their vision for the company and for food across all platforms, including their website, with videos, images and content. Many of their customers connect with Chipotle on their “Food with Integrity” mission to use local or organic products as much as possible. One of the best ways they remain engaged with their audience is through consistent, positive interactions via social media. If you head over to their Twitter feed, you’ll see they are very active and have a customer service approach, often responding to followers in regard to their in-store experience.

Take a note from these major brands and start with your brand identity, then develop content around that. Invest time into creating great content, videos and images to use, buy TikTok followers and stay consistent with it. What brands inspire you?

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