The trend of no-code app development – is it just a fad?

Fads in technology are not new. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and many more advancements were once a fad only. However, now they have become a necessity for the growth of any business.

During the pandemic era, enterprises started realizing the potential of one such trend, “Software-as-a-Service” or SaaS. SaaS is undoubtedly a vast domain to explore in just a few words. So, let us focus upon a bit smaller trend under this wide domain of SaaS i.e., no-code development.

No-Code Development

No-code development is developing a software/application without writing even a single line of code. Confused? Without any code, the software is dead. So, how come the CEO of GitHub advocated that the future of coding is no coding at all. What is this hype of no-code development!!

No-code development is indeed an imagination turned to reality. It became reality when businesses started offering no-code platforms to other businesses and individuals for app and website development. These platforms initiated the era where both coders and non-coders are able to create applications by using Graphical User Interface (GUI), unlike traditional computer coding.

According to most of the analysts and researchers, the era of no-code development is revolutionizing the way businesses used to work and sparing more time to think! No-code development platforms literally allow anyone (with or without technical knowledge) to custom-made the applications that could best cater to their needs.

The research expert Gartner forecasted that by 2024, 65% of applications will be developed on no-code platforms. This means no-code technology is here to stay! Let us try to explore the reasons behind it!

New Trend- New Opportunities

No code development is certainly doing wonders even in its nascent stage. The no-code platforms almost made it possible to create any mobile app, websites, chatbots, and much more software within a few days. The high speed and lowered cost involved in development are the two major factors working behind the success of no-code development platforms. 

Now, businesses need not wait for months to bring their products or services online and increase their outreach. No code development tools are helping businesses to bring their brand online. They also offer opportunities to businesses for becoming more governance centric. No-code tools are also impacting IT departments. They created a huge space for IT experts so that they can have plenty of “time-to-strategize”. 

If we sum up, there are many benefits of no-code technology. For better understanding, some of them are mentioned below.

  • Makes the software development process much easier and simpler.
  • Bridges the gap between no coders and technology advancements.
  • Reduces both cost and time in creating mobile apps and websites.
  • Offers opportunities to automate various internal and external workflows.
  • Helps in making the customer experience smoother and seamless.
  • Achieving KRAs for business growth becomes easier for owners.

No code platforms started proving their worth in recent years and are attracting a major amount of investment from investors. As per Forrester, no-code platforms (in terms of revenue) will top $21 billion in spending by 2022. These platforms are being anticipated as the next wave in the programming industry. They promise to empower businesses and individuals to make their digital game stronger.

Leaders-Bringing No-Code Mainstream

No-code technology could have been a fad till now! However, it has become mainstream due to the online availability of no-code platforms. Some of the leaders are also investing huge money and promoting no-code platforms worldwide to empower everyone with this new technology.

Some of the major companies involved in taking no-code mainstream are mentioned below.

Appy Pie: Appy Pie is one of the leading no-code solutions providers. It offers no-code platforms for developing simple to complex mobile apps, creating dedicated business websites, designing and integrating chatbots, and much more. It has an intuitive interface and user-friendly tools that tempt every business to create online platforms and take their business online.

AppSheet: AppSheet is a newly acquired startup by Google. It provides a no-code platform to everyone for developing mobile and web apps. It offers opportunities to utilize the database from cloud-based platforms like Google Drive, DropBox, and many more while creating applications.

Lightning: Lightning is the product of the leading tech company, Salesforce. It provides a no-code platform to automate business workflows and aid users to integrate with external applications. Lightning also helps in developing customized apps for your business.

PowerApps: PowerApps is one of the leading no-code platforms launched by Microsoft. It enables both coders and no-coders to develop apps within a few days. It offers customizable templates and a variety of features to develop mobile and web apps.

Airtable: Airtable is one of the user-centric platforms that help in creating custom apps and needs no coding skills. It focuses on democratizing the app development process and empowering everyone to create their own app.

These no-code platforms are offering businesses opportunities to increase their revenues and take their brand to another level.

Summing Up

No-code is still in the nascent stage but has become more than a fad. This technology is not only a category or a trend but rather a shift in connection of users with new technology. It is helping users to become less hesitant and more excited about adopting new advancements. 

Try and decide- if no code is just a fad or more than that!

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