The Best PDF Editor for Windows 2021 – EaseUS PDF Editor

Who hasn’t heard of PDF? The term is something that is etched on our daily activities due to its usage. After all, PDF is mainly used for guide books, assignments, novels, and many more. Its everyday usage makes it pivotal for us to know how to manage PDF files correctly, especially if they are essential.

Seeing the demand for PDF files’ mastery, many companies release software primarily used for PDF. EaseUS is one of those companies. How does EaseUS PDF Editor fare when it is used? Find out all about it in this article.

EaseUS PDF Editor features

After you’ve installed the PDF Editor for Windows, the software will present you with a window of the software like the image above. The software consists of two main parts, which are the toolbar and the main window.

EaseUS PDF Editor toolbar

The toolbar at the top is used when you want to create a PDF file from scratch. Here are the steps to do it.

To get started, you’ll need to press “create” to get started at making the PDF file. You can create something out of nothing or import another file. The file type doesn’t matter since the software will automatically convert it to PDF. It can convert word document to pdf offline too.

Whether you make a new file or open an old file, you will get the option to tweak it with the file. You can add images, text, or even edit the text and the image.

If your uploaded file is a text in the form of an image, there is no need to worry. You can always do OCR, or optical character recognition, to scan the words and copy them as text. There are many languages available, from Chinese to Turkish. You can create a form too.

Once you’re done tweaking the PDF’s content, you can add or remove new pages using the windows PDF editor released by EaseUS. The page editor is pretty powerful, as you can do almost anything with it. 

Do you need to add a new page from another file? The software has the option to do it. How about creating a blank new page? They have it too. Even splitting, cropping, and extracting the page? All are possible using the EaseUS PDF editor. 

If you need extra measurement, you can do so using the protection feature of the software. The feature allows the user to encrypt the PDF file with a password. This feature is excellent for classified documents. Plus, you can add bookmarks and add some comments too.

 Is signature is what you need? No need to worry because the software allows the addition of signatures. The signature option will enable you to edit the signature field and sign it afterward. It also allows the process of certification.

Once you’re satisfied with the PDF, all you need to do is press the “save” button at the top right of the software, right below the rightmost side toolbar. That’s it, and you’re done!

EaseUS PDF Editor main interface

The main windows, which is the isolated window that pops out in the middle, basically list the toolbar’s “create PDF” feature and other features where some of them have been mentioned. 

The features are listed on the right side of the window. The “edit PDF” is a specific feature that does its job since it allows you to open a new file and edit it. The editor window for the PDF is the same as the one mentioned in the previous section. 

Create PDF is a shortcut that repeats the process explained in the previous section.

The brand new feature we haven hasn’t discussed is “combine PDF.” combine PDF makes it possible for the user to combine several PDFs all at once. All the user needs to do is add the files when the window below pops out. Arrange the PDF according to the order desired, press OK, and it’s done!

If you need to keep track of the PDF you have uploaded or edited, you can check the left section of the window. It will list all the PDFs that the software has used. Pretty neat, isn’t it?

Pros of EaseUS PDF Editor

After trying the software, we conclude that it is an excellent PDF software everybody should try out. Our statement is not without reason.

First, the EaseUS PDF editor does its job perfectly. It has all the features needed to tweak PDF in every way possible. From making a brand new file to converting another file then scan it, all can be done using EaseUS’ software.

Another perk of the editor is its ease of use. Using the software was a smooth experience where it executes things smoothly and quickly. It is all thanks to the simple UI of the software. It might look plain for some people, but the layout allows everybody, no matter whether they’re good with computers or not, to master the editor quickly.

CoreCommerce Staff – Utilizing EaseUSPDF Editor has allowed us to create phenomenal documents to delight our customers. The interface and advanced functionality allow us to create the pdf exactly as needed. There also appears to be constant updates which is a plus!

Cons of EaseUS PDF Editor

There are, however, cons of EaseUS PDF Editor. It is a paid software, and a user can only access the software’s full features by paying its subscription. Using the free trial will result in a watermark also, and sometimes you will have to sit through an ad before saving the file. 

To get everything, you will have to pay either its subscription service ($29.95/month or $49.95/year) or its lifetime upgrade ($ 79.95). Purchasing the VIP perks will remove watermark from pdf and get rid of the advertisement. Plus, you will also get free upgrades and tech support that’s ready to help you any time of the day.


Overall, EaseUS PDF Editor is an excellent software for tweaking their PDF with ease. Its simplicity and quick response make it perfect for any occupation, from students to professional workers. It should be noted, however, that premium features and watermark-free results are VIP perks. Of course, the non-VIP features don’t stop the software from being great software for everybody.

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