Start An Online Business This Year!

iStock_000029693490XSmallFor most people, a new year means fresh goals and resolutions to plan and get started on! If starting an online business is one of your new year resolutions, it’s never been easier to launch a business. An e-commerce business is a great way to take a hobby, interest or business opportunity and generate income with a minimal investment. Here are four basic tips to help get your new business up and running:

  • Develop a great idea to start a business around. The best ideas combine your interests and a profitable business opportunity so look to hobbies or areas of interest with a gap in the market. Need help coming up with a business idea? Let us help you find your big idea!
  • Start a free trial with CoreCommerce! Getting started is simple with our Setup Wizard to walk you through the entire process, from choosing a design to setting up taxes and shipping.
  • Choose a business name and apply for the required business licenses and tax id with your county clerk or other local government.
  • Check our blog for helpful tips on all things e-commerce such as how to make your website stand out, build consumer trust and more!

Special offer: Sign up for a paid account with CoreCommerce and receive $50 in Facebook Ad credits FREE, perfect for promoting your new business to millions of potential customers!

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