The world is going digital and we are experiencing firsthand how technology is evolving. Most payments are done online as we have entered into the era of cashless policy. As long as you have your phone or bank card with you, you do not need to be in search of where to withdraw money before you can go shopping. There is also the part of shopping from the comfort of your couch but that is another discussion on its own. When making payments, it is quite difficult to figure out what platform to use both for the business and the customers. Here are 4 major solutions for taking online and in-store payments. 


CorePayments is an all in one payments solution. which allows you to seamlessly accept credit cards, ACH and e-check online through our fully integrated payments platform, CorePayments is also supported through our WooCommerce app integration.

The platform is safe and secure with payment data encryption and PCI/DSS-compliant servers.

  • Secure Credit Card Processing: CoreCommerce’s tokenization features and customer vault allow you to send secure payment data through a PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant gateway.
  • Refund via Dashboard: Process full or partial refunds, directly from your WordPress dashboard. No need to search order in your CoreCommerce account.
  • Authorize Now, Capture Later: Optionally choose only to authorize transactions, and capture at a later date.
  • Restrict Card Types: Optionally choose to restrict certain card types and the plugin will hide its icon and provide a proper error message on checkout.
  • Gateway Receipts: Optionally choose to send receipts from your CoreCommerce merchant account.


Shopify is a payment platform that accepts any form of payment method online with diverse choices to pick from. To set up a business on the Shopify platform, an account needs to be created and verified. Shopify is similar to a mini store where credit cards and every popular payment method are accepted. Third-party activations are not needed when setting up the account and from setup, you can move straight to the selling.  

The platform is safe and secure with payment data encryption and PCI-compliant servers. The checkout method is also secured in 3D and the business cash flow can be properly monitored by the business. The orders and payments can be tracked in one place with the help of Shopify and this platform is best for online stores but can still be used by in-stores. 


Takepayments payments are made easily with credit cards and one of their core payment platforms is the use of portable card machines and POS systems. They have different sizes and shapes of card machines which are peculiar to whatever business wants to get it. Although their major focus is on the use of credit cards, they also have an online platform where payments can be taken online and be properly monitored. They also have various online methods for payment, depending on the one the customer wants to use. 

Takepayments are tested and trusted, expertise in card machine management and monitoring and even have specialists that can visit the business to find the perfect solution for your business. They also give businesses a personal account manager who will always be available for any form of issue or complaint, making sure the business transaction is smooth. There is no limitation as to when the business can withdraw as it is a 24-hr interval for each payday and there are various contracts that can suit your need and business. Takepayments is best for in-store but can also work for online stores. 


Square is a different form of the platform as it offers a wide range of services that connects every part of your business to one platform. As a business owner, you can have everything business on the Square platform.  It is a platform that can take secure payments from customers online with various payment methods being adopted. There is also an avenue to give out rewards and discounts on the platform which will reflect on the payment method. You can explore Customer’s directories and even market more products to them via email or SMS. It is more than a platform but a community where messages can be sent between the business owner and the client or customer. On the same platform, there is an opportunity to save, manage and access money as you make it. The icing on the cake is the payment platform for employees as you can manage your team with scheduling, timecards and full-service payroll. There is also a Square iPad POS that can initiate checkouts and payments at the same time. Square is best for both online stores and in-stores and has the platform to work for both. 

As a business owner, you decide to choose which solution works best for your business. If you are very disorganised and forgetful, especially in salary payments, Square is best for you. If you do not know how to handle card machines and Pos, Takepayments is your best bet and if you want a platform that offers everything online, Shopify is your go-to platform 

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