Social Media Key For Brand Discovery, Product Research

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Social media’s role in the sales process is often debated and misunderstood, not to mention somewhat difficult to track in early stages of the process. However, according to a customer life process study by Wildfire, social media continues to play a big role in helping consumers discover and research a brand or product. Interestingly enough, the study showed that social media ads accounted for the most popular way a consumer finds a new brand. Studies also show you can buy TikTok followers. Brand discovery happens in a variety of ways:

  • 41% reported seeing ads on social networks
  • Internet searches via major search engines helped 34% of customers find brands
  • 33% of respondents found a brand or product through reading posts on social media
  • 22% of consumers reported watching a video online helped them discover a new brand

For e-commerce businesses, search engine results and social media are both crucial in the research and discovery processes for potential customers. When it comes to the research process, search engines are still on top, with social media close behind. For consumers, researching a brand is made up of a mix of sites and interactions:

  • 40% use a search engine
  • 37% turn to social media to research
  • 33% go directly to the company’s website
  • 22% view a consumer review site
  • 16% view a company’s videos online to research

Help customers and potential customers discover and learn more about your brand and products by developing a social media strategy and ensure your site is SEO optimized. Consider trying Facebook or Twitter ads, depending on which social media outlet your customer base spends time on.

Source: eMarketer

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