How Social Media Influences Millennial Purchases

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When consumers find a product they love, intend to purchase or are excited about, many turn to social media to spread the word. In a recent study, the University of Massachusetts surveyed millennial shoppers and noted a trend of consumers purchasing after sharing product info via social media outlets, particularly Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. This form of electronic “word of mouth” is great for e-commerce businesses, especially as 70% of millennial social media users are influenced by their friends’ posts and recommendations. Additional findings from the surveys include:

  • 23% purchased after sharing products in the art/design, DIY and photography categories on Pinterest
  • 21% of consumers purchased after sharing food/drink products on Twitter
  • Tech and electronics shared via Facebook[18%] and Twitter[14%] before purchasing
  • Pinterest sharers most likely to buy online only, Facebook sharers more likely to purchase online and in-store
  • 25% of millennials surveyed reported making 100% of their purchases via smartphone, with 16% made online purchases with a tablet

Tips To Encourage Shoppers To “Share”:

  • Post quality images of your products on social media outlets, linking back to your site to purchase.
  • Pinterest is a great tool to share your products with thousands of consumers, especially if your products are design or DIY related. An active presence on Pinterest with quality images and well written text, all linking back to your site, is key.
  • Add social media buttons to products in your CoreCommerce store. Learn how to add the Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook buttons or enable social logins for your online store!
  • Since consumers are increasingly using their mobile devices for researching, sharing and purchasing, consider using our new[free!] responsive design templates for your store.

Source: eMarketer

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