Smart Upgrades That Increase Home Value

There are smart devices for almost everything these days, from programable multicolored lightbulbs to a variety of wireless speakers that allow you to add items to your shopping list, make a purchase online, or even just play your favorite music. However, many of these items are personal possessions that leave when you move to a new home, as many top real estate agents would point out. To add smart technology that will make your home higher in value, it’s worth considering items that you’d leave behind if you moved, and how they will help you sell your house

Energy Efficiency: Smart Thermostat

While homeowners have known for a long time that energy-conscious buyers are going to look for new appliances with things like Energy Star ratings, the new gold standard for keeping HVAC costs low is a smart thermostat. These systems expand on what a programmable thermostat can do, doing things like automatically changing the temperature when no motion is detected to make the home more eco-friendly when no one is home. A big boon of these thermostats is also data, which can help you pinpoint when a system is struggling to operate efficiently and call a servicing professional before too much energy is wasted. These thermostats tend to pay for themselves quickly, and having one in the house already can draw in a buyer with the potential savings versus a home with a less advanced thermostat.

Security: Security Systems

These days, adding a security system to your home that is accessible via an app is easier than it ever was before. Even the installation of things like window and door sensors is less complex, and while some systems still benefit from a professional installing them, the options for customization have definitely increased. When you add a security system that is a part of the structure of the home, potential buyers can feel confident that they’ll know what’s going on on their property even if they are out of town for vacation or work travel. This can be a feeling that they want, and having it wrapped up in the purchase price of the home may sweeten the deal in just the right way. 

Ease and Information: Video Doorbells and Smart Locks

While this feature is in many ways also a security concept, adding a video doorbell is also a valuable tool even if you aren’t worried about security on your property. Video doorbells allow you to see if a package is on your front porch, for instance, and ask someone to stop by and pick it up. If you’re on the other side of the house and someone rings the bell, you can remotely answer the door and confirm whether the person is expected or not, and even use a smart lock system to allow them in while you finish cooking dinner for your party. A smart lock is valuable in many other contexts, from easily letting short-term renters in with security to having a housesitter when you’re away from home. 

Smart features that are installed around your home also show a buyer that you’ve made attentive improvements to the home and can really help seal the deal with a buyer who is already interested in your property.

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