Small Business Owners Focusing on Growth, Marketing in 2014


Are you feeling optimistic about the new year? According to a recent study, small business owners anticipate 2014 being a year for growth. With 2013 seeing steady growth, business owners plan to continue building upon that success.

  • Slightly less than 55% of small business owners reported growth in the past year
  • 10% of small businesses reported that their businesses “boomed” in 2013
  • 80% of small business owners expect 2014 to be better than 2013

Marketing and developing a brand presence are two areas that small business owners reported focusing on in 2014. With consumers turning to the internet to research and find products, there are many simple, cost-effective ways to market your business:

  • Cover the basics of e-commerce marketing and identify areas your business should focus on.
  • Building a consistent social media presence can help grow marketing and brand presence efforts.
  • Use e-mail marketing to engage consumers, reinforce branding and boost repeat sales.
  • Develop fun, educational content, such as videos, blogs and more, to use across various platforms and outlets for marketing and branding.

Source: eMarketer

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