Six Ways To Market Beauty Products

With the growing e-commerce beauty segment, there are many unique ways to engage new and potential customers. Try incorporating some of these creative ideas into your marketing strategy:

  • Start a blog. One of the easiest things you can do to promote your site is to start a blog. When you consistently post great content, it will help drive site traffic and be a fun way to develop your following, review products, answer common questions, show how to use products and more. Each CoreCommerce store comes with a built-in blog–learn how to get started here!
  • Add samples in with orders. A great way to introduce customers to products first hand is to include samples as you mail out orders, which can boost your number of repeat customers. Plus, it’s always a nice surprise to get extras like samples!
  • Work with beauty bloggers. Expose your brand to a new audience by working with beauty bloggers who have a large following. Offer free product for review, special discounts or perks for blog readers, host a giveaway and any other creative ideas you can come up with. Bloggers are a tight knit community that are protective of their “brand” so be sure to approach them from a relational point of view.
  • Make how-to videos. Videos are the perfect medium to show consumers how to use beauty products and best techniques. Not only does this help educate customers but can also improve overall product satisfaction. For prospective customers researching the product, a well done how-to video can help close the sale!
  • Post shareable content. Take inspiration from major beauty brands and post creative photos of products, images with beauty tips, customer reviews and other forms of content that fans will want to share with their friends.
  • Offer reward points. Since beauty products are often a repeat buy, offer consumers a reward points incentive. Try offering perks for joining the reward points program, like free products, exclusive access and more.

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