Six Ways Technology Can Make You A Smarter Content Marketer

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Technology has completely transformed the way businesses manage and run their operations. It has ensured efficiency and accuracy and allowed all sectors, including education, healthcare, and corporate, to automate workflow. Marketers are also leveraging the latest technological advancements to improve marketing efforts and execute strategies properly. Especially for content marketers, the latest tech tools and software play a crucial role in streamlining the marketing process. It has given professionals a tactical edge to identify market trends and consumer behavior, create content and strategies accordingly, and make intelligent decisions. 

The primary aim of marketing is to enhance business growth and make your target audience aware of your products and services. Content is one of the most integral elements of a robust digital marketing strategy. Therefore, you should not compromise on its quality. But to create compelling content, you need to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and understand what type of content will help you achieve your marketing goals. The latest software and tools provide marketers valuable insights about customer’s likes and dislikes and how they can achieve desired results. Whoever will leverage the technology in the right way will stay one step ahead of its competitors in the content marketing game. That said, listed below are a few ways technology can make you a more innovative content marketer. 

It helps with keyword research

Creating content for articles, blogs, and web copies is a time-taking process that requires a lot of effort. But making it SEO-friendly to improve its visibility on Google is another challenge on its own. Fortunately, technology trivializes the keyword research process to identify the user’s areas of interest and create content accordingly.

For example, if you offer technical writing services, you can use online keyword research tools to identify relevant keywords with good search volume. Such tools also help you to cross-check the keyword data for profitability and volume of shares. After analyzing these aspects, you can incorporate relevant keywords in the content to improve your website ranking. Once your online presence is enhanced, you will surely start getting more writing orders.

Similarly, producing keyword-rich content for any business helps increase visibility on SERPs and the potential to convert leads into paying customers.

It helps perform a content audit

A content audit is a process of analyzing the overall content on a website, including blog posts and landing pages. It provides valuable insights about improving the underperforming content so that you can attain higher conversion rates. Manually performing a content audit is a laborious and time-consuming process. But using automated content audit tools saves your time, effort, and money by helping you identify the content that needs overhauling.

Every content audit tool works differently, but most tools provide a detailed report that highlights the errors and information about the posts bringing you the most engagement. By using the same concept, you can create more posts to increase your website views and bring in more leads and sales. 

It helps gather analytics

Analytics has made a significant impact on digital marketing. Data govern your marketing efforts, and recent technology developments have made accurate data analysis possible. Analytics tools are primarily built for automation programs, but you can also integrate them into marketing campaigns. It provides businesses with a deeper understanding of how their campaigns are doing in terms of brand awareness and sales.

Analytics technology allows marketers to improve their strategy and identify opportunities to maximize customer engagement. Google Analytics is one of the best examples that you can consider for analytics technology. It portrays a clear picture of customer behavior in front of your eyes. It also enables you to create result-driven marketing campaigns. Analytics data provides you more clarity than what is beneficial for your business to follow the same pattern consistently. 

It helps manage editorial calendars

As a content marketer, managing content is one of your primary job roles. However, using spreadsheets to manage your editorial planning can only work for the short term. Suppose you are working on several publishing plans at the same time. In that case, you need to utilize online collaborative content calendars for more intelligent planning.

Automatic notifications and reminders will help you and your team stay on track and meet deadlines by following a systematic process. The ability to see and know what is going on in real-time improves the overall productivity and efficiency of the marketing team. It can elevate your content marketing efforts as you do not have to ask your teammates for access to spreadsheets again and again. It will keep you and your team on the same page, helping to achieve common goals.  Most content managing tools also have mobile apps, thus making it more feasible to work from anywhere, anytime.

It improves visual design

Images and videos are also a vital form of content and play a key role in marketing products and services. It can be challenging for startups and small businesses to create impeccable visuals as these require investment in resources and talent. Nonetheless, technology makes this relatively more straightforward as well. Plenty of web tools are available that allow you to create quality infographics and videos to create eye-catching social media posts and marketing campaigns to enhance engagement. These tools enable you to design and edit content for you to use anywhere without worrying about copyright issues. 

It automates processes

Automation technology has helped marketers in recent years to target their content to their target market efficiently. It has allowed businesses to engage with audiences relevantly. By automating your content, you do not have to bear the hassle of manually sending emails to long lists of your potential customers. You can use email marketing automation tools that will help you schedule, create, and send emails automatically to the targeted customers. These tools have simplified content distribution and automated email campaigns to achieve maximum results with minimum effort.

There are also automation tools you can use to manage and automate your social media marketing. They help you smartly schedule posts on all social media platforms and to curate effective content. Chatbots also make CRM considerably easier and timely.


Today’s marketing is all about adopting an intelligent approach to streamline processes and achieve objectives. It is not about how hard you work. It is about how smartly you leverage technology to achieve results and outsmart your competition. Technology has brought convenience to the lives of content marketers in many ways. From using keyword research tools to analytics technology, automation to visual design tools, it has made a vital contribution to provide the right direction to marketers’ efforts. It is essential to understand that content is the fuel for businesses; they cannot function effectively and manage their operations in today’s digital landscape. So, you need to utilize technology smartly to accomplish your business goals. 

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