Signifyd – 100% guaranteed fraud protection for eCommerce

Risk is part of doing business when selling online, but you can reduce your risk from chargebacks by subscribing to Signifyd, a partner of CoreCommerce. Signifyd gives you a 100% guarantee to pay you back for any chargebacks (plus chargeback fees and shipping costs) from approved orders and they have industry leading approval rates.  Save time in the back office from doing research on customers, you can trust Signifyd’s data. 

One CoreCommerce client selling high end electronics was able to completely re-purpose one staff member that was doing research on customers and orders full time. They are now able to grow their top line revenue by selling in markets outside the U.S., as they have Signifyd’s Zero Fraud liability protection. 

Find out if Signifyd is right for your CoreCommerce store. You can sign up for a free consultation by visiting

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